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This special page shows all uploaded files that have not been deleted; for those see the upload log.

File list
Date Name Thumbnail Size Description
22:29, 20 October 2017 Example-image.png (file) 991 bytes {{Information |Description ={{en|1=Example image used by MediaWiki to demonstrate embedding the thumbnail of a file with a caption in a page.}} |Source =
03:10, 11 October 2017 NEdit.svg (file) 4 KB User created page with UploadWizard
06:31, 2 October 2017 Bundesarchiv B 145 Bild-F079064-0006, Bonn, Gymnasium.jpg (file) 45 KB Reverted to version as of 16:26, 6 September 2009 (UTC) [Lower single-pixel line had picture data]
05:28, 27 September 2017 AARGUS.jpg (file) 50 KB Larger version from (
22:07, 23 September 2017 Dan Emmett portrait.jpg (file) 846 KB Reverted to version as of 15:24, 29 November 2005 (UTC) [Uploading a separate crop is more appropriate than scribble-erasing]
06:47, 25 August 2017 Shuttleworth.svg (file) 14 KB User created page with UploadWizard
02:58, 14 August 2017 Crystal energy.svg (file) 25 KB Removed some cruft (more could happen), semanticised group names, added DTD.
04:58, 6 August 2017 Apophysis Aurora Borealis.jpg (file) 442 KB User created page with UploadWizard
05:24, 12 July 2017 Flag of the National Science Foundation.png (file) 111 KB Harmonise with File:Flag_of_the_National_Science_Foundation.svg
17:03, 24 May 2017 Aroldo bonzagni, il tram di monza, 1910-15 circa (coll. privata).JPG (file) 3.58 MB Reverted to version as of 20:28, 21 October 2015 (UTC) at request of original uploader Sailko (Francesco Bini)
18:17, 20 May 2017 Sobo 1909 130.png (file) 1.14 MB Improved compression using colour indexing, among other methods. Now the file is a tenth the size.
01:23, 31 March 2017 Multicheck.svg (file) 8 KB {{Information |Description ={{en|1=Multicheck's POST-2010 black and blue wordmark.}} |Source = |Author...
00:00, 28 March 2017 Coat of arms of Durango.svg (file) 630 KB Vacuuming defs saved more than 2MB, and then resaving as "plain SVG" rather than "Inkscape SVG" saved an additional nearly 200kB.
23:46, 4 February 2017 Time2wait.svg (file) 4 KB Removed extra node that was causing rendering error. Apologies, but Inkscape schmutz will have to be excised again. As I have time, I will work on this, validating and adding the 'validated' template, and once the previous two are done, swapping the "m...
07:10, 15 January 2017 Crystal Clear app linneighborhood.svg (file) 22 KB Vacuumed defs (saved 8 KB!) and cropped to remove unnecessary whitespace. Can be uncropped if drop-shadow is ever added back in.
22:46, 10 November 2016 Iceberg.jpg (file) 1.05 MB Even ''better'' version
07:32, 7 October 2016 United States Census Bureau Wordmark.svg (file) 19 KB Changed what the W3 Validator suggested in order to make it validate.
17:35, 25 April 2015 AmeriCorps logo.svg (file) 14 KB Kept Inkscape code for now, but fixed the viewbox (document boundaries / border).
06:43, 1 October 2012 Apache Canyon Railroad Bridge Isometric View of Downstream (SouthEast) Side.jpg (file) 3.68 MB User created page with UploadWizard