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01:09, 10 February 2009 Modis aqua.jpg (file) 113 KB {{Information |Description={{en|1=The w:Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS), is a 36-band spectroradiometer measuring visible and infrared radiation and obtaining data that are being used to derive products ranging from vegetation,
00:15, 21 January 2009 Marx to Kugelmann 01 de 1866.ogg (file)
1.64 MB {{Information |Description={{en|1=Portuguese audio to the lusophon Wikisource. The letter sent by [ Marx in January 15th, 18666 to Kugelmann].}} {{pt|1=Áudio para o Wikiso
05:52, 16 January 2009 PhoenixMission SciGoals pt.png (file) 21 KB {{Information |Description={{en|1=Scheme showing the '''Phoenix Mission science goals''', inspired in [ this image] (also seen here), but adapted with the info fo
05:25, 16 January 2009 MarsPolarLander SciGoals pt.png (file) 18 KB {{Information |Description={{en|1=Portuguese translation and adapted version of the image that can be found at the site about the [ '''Mars Polar Lander Scientific Goals'''].}} {{pt|1=Versão adaptada e
08:36, 13 January 2009 TEGA's oven cells with soil.gif (file) 1,017 KB {{Information |Description={{en|1=This image shows four of the eight cells in the Thermal and Evolved-Gas Analyzer, or TEGA, on NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander. TEGA's ovens, located underneath the cells, heat soil samples so the released gases can be analyzed
07:52, 13 January 2009 Phoenix Spacecraft tega.jpg (file) 20 KB {{Information |Description= |Source= |Date= |Author= |Permission= |other_versions= }}
07:34, 13 January 2009 Rosy Red to TEGA.jpg (file) 419 KB {{Information |Description={{en|1=NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander's Surface Stereo Imager took this false color image on Sol 72 (August 7, 2008), the 72nd Martian day after landing. It shows a soil sample from a trench informally called "Rosy Red" after being
07:09, 13 January 2009 TEGA illustration.jpg (file) 105 KB {{Information |Description={{en|1=This is a computer-aided drawing of the Thermal and Evolved-Gas Analyzer, or TEGA, on NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander.}} {{pt|1=Desenho computadorizado do Analisador de Gás Térmico e Expandido (TEGA) na Sonda Phoenix}} |Sour
06:48, 13 January 2009 TEGAworkscheme.jpg (file) 22 KB {{Information |Description={{en|1=This animation shows NASA's Phoenix Lander's Robotic Arm scoop delivering a sample to the Thermal and Evolved-Gas Analyzer (TEGA) and how samples are analyzed within the instrument.}} {{pt|1=Esta animação mostra o Braç
01:28, 4 December 2008 Marx to Kugelmann 02 de 1865.ogg (file)
10.21 MB {{Information |Description={{en|1=Portuguese audio to the lusophon Wikisource. The letter sent by [ Marx in February 23, 1865 to Kugelmann].}} {{pt|1=Áudio para o Wikiso
23:05, 26 November 2008 Marx to Kugelmann 11 de 1864.ogg (file)
2.88 MB {{Information |Description={{en|1=Portuguese audio to the lusophon Wikisource. The letter sent by [ Marx in November 29, 1864 to Kugelmann].}} {{pt|1=Áudio para o Wikisou
22:25, 26 November 2008 Marx to Kugelmann 12 de 1862.ogg (file)
6.74 MB {{Information |Description={{en|1=Portuguese audio to the lusophon Wikisource. The letter sent by [ Marx in December 28, 1862 to Kugelmann].}} {{pt|1=Áudio para o Wikisou
23:44, 9 November 2008 Cronologia do marxismo.svg (file) 26 KB {{Information |Description={{en|1=History of Marxism timeline ---- Own work based-only at the Marxists Internet Archive picture}} {{pt|1=Cronologia do marxismo}} |Source=Trabalho próprio |Author='''Érick''' Luiz Wutke Rib
19:22, 16 August 2008 Promoclip-pt.png (file) 26 KB {{Information |Description= |Source= |Date= |Author= |Permission= |other_versions= }}
16:41, 16 August 2008 GoldW500-pt.png (file) 27 KB {{Information |Description={{pt|1=Logo comemorativo de 500 000 artigos}} {{en|1=500 000 articles commemoration logo}} |Source=Trabalho próprio |Author='''Érick''' Luiz Wutke Ribeiro ('''Delemon''') <br>[
00:03, 2 July 2008 Fuel cell PT.svg (file) 115 KB {{Information |Description= |Source= |Date= |Author= |Permission= |other_versions= }}
17:56, 18 April 2008 TRMM INST2.GIF (file) 84 KB {{Information |Description={{en|This drawing illustrates the CERES Earth scan pattern. As the satellite moves through its orbit, the detectors scan from one side of the ground track to the other, making measurements of energy from the Earth's atmosphere.}
17:51, 18 April 2008 TRMM INST.GIF (file) 70 KB {{Information |Description={{en|This drawing shows the location of the w:CERES instrument on the w:TRMM satellite. CERES and the Lightning Imaging Sensor are two w:Earth Observation System instruments which were added to the primary TRMM pa
00:20, 18 April 2008 Ceres-raps-scan.jpg (file) 141 KB {{Information |Description={{en|Artist representation of CERES instruments scan Earth in RAP Rotating Azimuth Plane mode.}} |Source=Transferred from [ en.wikipedia]; Transfer was stated to be made by User:Delemon.<br/> (Original
23:47, 15 April 2008 Hemisferio celeste.svg (file) 15 KB {{Information |Description= {{pt|Esfera Celeste, com hemisfério visível e invisível. "''C''" é o centro da esfera celeste, "''O''" é o observador}} ---- {{en|Celestial sphere, with visible emisphere and invisibile emisphere. C is the center of the ce
08:39, 10 February 2008 CERES FM1 FM2.jpeg (file) 610 KB {{Information |Description={{en|Two of NASA's CERES instruments appear in the photo. The precision radiometers will measure reflected solar and emitted thermal radiation from the Earth's surface. TRW en
08:21, 10 February 2008 CERES logo.png (file) 62 KB {{Information |Description= Clouds and the Earth's Radiant Energy System logo celebrating 10 years |Source= |Date= 2007 |Author= Nasa |Permission= |other_versions= }}
02:58, 6 January 2008 Dia da toalha 2007.jpg (file) 133 KB  
04:54, 13 December 2007 A-Train satellites.jpg (file) 190 KB  
16:49, 22 October 2007 Terra logo.png (file) 1.13 MB  
20:42, 15 October 2007 Diodo graph.svg (file) 13 KB {{Information |Description={{pt|Gráfico mostra a curva característica do comportamento do diodo em sua polarização direta e inversa}} |Source= {{en|self-made}}; inspired at this [
23:50, 13 October 2007 Nasa AIRS CO2 July03.jpg (file) 505 KB {{Information |Description={{en|Although originally designed to measure atmospheric water vapor and temperature for weather forecasting, scientists working with the Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS) instrument on the NASA Aqua Spacecraft are now using A
23:28, 13 October 2007 Aqua instruments.jpg (file) 126 KB {{Information |Description={{en|Aqua carries six state-of-the-art instruments in a near-polar low-Earth orbit. The six instruments are the Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS), the Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit (AMSU-A), the Humidity Sounder for Brazil
23:19, 13 October 2007 Aqua satellite.jpg (file) 36 KB {{Information |Description={{en|The Aqua satellite is one of a series of space-based platforms that are central to NASA's Earth Observing System (EOS), a long-term study of the scope dynamics and implications of global change}} --
22:47, 24 September 2007 FDF talavera PJS.jpg (file) 54 KB {{Information |Description=An RFDS Beech KingAir on a remote airstrip in Queensland, Australia. January 2002. Photograph taken by Peter Schuller, January 1, 2002. |Source=Originally from [ en.wikipedia]; description page is/was [ht
02:18, 23 September 2007 Cell-Processor.jpg (file) 10 KB {{Information | Description = {{en|A w:cell Processor}} ---- {{pt|Um microprocessador Cell}} | Source = {{en|english wikipedia>[[w:Image:Cell-Processor-Issues.jpg, released in Public Domain}} | Date = 2007-09-23 | A
04:46, 16 September 2007 Africa sphere debris.jpg (file) 74 KB {{Information |Description={{en|Human-made pressurization sphere stemming from a rocket body that fell in Southern Africa}} ---- {{pt|Foto de esfera pressurizada derivada do corpo de um foguete, que caiu ao Sudeste da África}} |Source=[http://www.orbital
04:03, 16 September 2007 Cerise sat broke.jpg (file) 25 KB {{Information |Description={{en|NASA'S illustration about the collision of CERISE (communication satellite) with a piece of fragmentation debris from an Ariane 1 rocket body in July 24, 1996. Wich broke the 6 meter long stabilization boom}} ---- {{pt|Ilus
02:53, 2 September 2007 Planetary transit pt.svg (file) 6 KB {{Information |Description= {{en|Image of a planet transiting a star, for illustration of transit method of discovery of extrasolar planets. Sizes of the star, the planet and its orbit are roughly like HD 209458b}} {{pt|Imagem de um planeta orbitando uma
05:33, 19 August 2007 Wikipedia utopia.jpg (file) 120 KB {{Information |Description=Wikipedia: Inovation or Utopia? |Source=self-made.Derivate from [ Omar Omar's Flickr] — [ CECUT 8 - El CECUT, Centro Cultural Tijuana, la Bola.] and
02:32, 13 August 2007 ASTER arizona full.jpg (file) 548 KB {{Information |Description= Northern Arizona Volcanoes - This ASTER perspective was created by draping ASTER image data over topographic data from the U.S. Geological Survey National Elevation Data |Source= [
06:15, 29 July 2007 Thomas D Akers.jpg (file) 6.52 MB {{Information |Description=Thomas D. Akers, astronaut, mission specialist |Source=[ STS-79 Shuttle Mission Imagery] |Date=7 August 1992 |Author=National Aeronautics and Space Adm
05:18, 29 July 2007 Christer Fuglesang 2006 EMU.jpg (file) 1.87 MB {{Information |Description=As the mission's first spacewalk draws to a close, European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Christer Fuglesang, STS-116 mission specialist, moves through the Quest Airlock as he returns to the International Space Station. |Source=[
10:54, 24 July 2007 Fengyun-1C debris.jpg (file) 34 KB {{Information |Description=Known orbit planes of Fengyun-1C debris one month after its disintegration by a Chinese interceptor. The white orbit represents the International Space Station |Source=