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05:18, 28 October 2009 SteveBruceNorwich1980s.JPG (file) 111 KB cleaning
15:57, 26 September 2009 Iraqi Su-25 - Gulf War 1991.jpg (file) 3.44 MB {{Information |Description={{en|1=A view of an Iraqi Su-25 fighter aircraft destroyed in a Coalition attack during Operation Desert Storm.}} |Source=[
18:44, 19 August 2009 Egypt HandBall Youth Team 2009.JPG (file) 1.66 MB {{Information |Description={{en|1=Egypt National HandBall Youth Team traning before a match with Denemarak in Cairo 2009}} |Source=Own work by uploader |Author=Mo7amedsalim |Date=2009-08-17 |Permission= |other_versions= }}
13:22, 8 August 2009 Ar-Inflation rate of Japan Economy.png (file) 82 KB {{Information |Description=Inflation rate of Japan Economy 1980-2007 |Source=self-made |Date=2009-08-08 |Author= Mo7amedsalim |Permission= |other_versions=File:Inflation rate of Japan Economy editted.png }} {{self|cc-by-sa-3.0|G
20:55, 1 August 2009 Arabic - Aeroforces.png (file) 43 KB  
14:33, 28 July 2009 Butterfly Valve.jpg (file) 233 KB more color
14:12, 27 July 2009 Group of drill bits.jpg (file) 428 KB {{Information |Description={{en|1=group of drill bits}} {{ar|1=مجموعة من بنط الثقب}} |Source=Own work by uploader |Author=Mo7amedsalim |Date=2009-06-22 |Permission= |other_versions= }}
15:23, 22 July 2009 Ar-Flaps.png (file) 8 KB {{Information |Description={{en|1=Different types of flaps for aircrafts}} {{ar|1=أنواع مختلفة من القلابات.}} |Source=Based on Image:Flaps català.png |Author= NASA |Date=2009-07-21 |Permission={{PD-USGov-NASA}} |other_versions=
18:27, 11 July 2009 Ar-Egypt Portal.png (file) 123 KB {{Information |Description=flag of egypt and the word (Portal:Egypt) in arabic |Source=self-made |Date=2009-07-11 |Author= Mo7amedsalim |Permission={{insignia}} |other_versions= }} Category:Coats of arms of Egypt [[Category:Flag
11:50, 4 July 2009 Egyptian paratrooper.jpg (file) 3.55 MB {{Information |Description=An Egyptian paratrooper prepares to load on a U.S. Air Force C-17 aircraft in Egypt for an air drop into Cairo, Egypt, Nov. 10, 2007, as part of exercise Bright Star 2007. Bright Star is a joint/combined command post and tactica
16:57, 3 July 2009 Game3 El Nour.JPG (file) 1.91 MB {{Information |Description={{ar|1=مسجد النور في العباسية القاهرة مصر.}} {{en|1=El nour mosque in AL Abaseya Cairo Egypt}} |Source=Own work by uploader |Author=Mo7amedsalim |Date=2009-06-29 |Permission= |o
17:30, 2 July 2009 Ar-Image size.JPG (file) 24 KB {{Information |Description={{en|1=Image showing how to find image size on wikipedia Sourse: self (Starflower.jpg).}} |Source=Own work by uploader |Author=Mo7amedsalim |Date=2009-07-02 |Permission={{self2|GFDL
20:58, 1 July 2009 Bus Stop in Cairo Int. Airport.JPG (file) 1.9 MB {{Information |Description={{ar|موقف الحافلات في مطار القاهرة الدولي.}} {{en|Bus Stop in Cairo international airport.}} |Source=self-made |Date=2009-06-27 |Author= Mo7amedsalim |Permission= |other_versi
20:35, 27 June 2009 Great Sphinx of Giza - Egypt.JPG (file) 4.09 MB {{Information |Description={{en|1=Great Sphinx of Giza}} {{ar|1=أبو الهول - الجيزة - مصر}} |Source=Own work by uploader |Author=Mo7amedsalim |Date=2009-06-26 |Permission= |other_versions= }} <!--{{ImageUpload|full}}
20:22, 27 June 2009 Shuttle bus in cairo int airport.JPG (file) 556 KB crpping
19:59, 27 June 2009 The old Air traffic tower - Cairo International Airport.JPG (file) 1.76 MB {{Information |Description={{ar|برج المراقبة القديم في مطار القاهرة الدولي}} {{en|The old Air traffic tower in Cairo International Airport.}} |Source=Own work by uploader |Author=Mo7amedsalim |Date
18:45, 11 June 2009 Ar-Wikinews Developing.png (file) 89 KB {{ShouldBeSVG|icon}} {{CopyrightByWikimedia}} Category:Writing icons Category:Wikinews logos
21:47, 25 May 2009 NewsAvPortal.png (file) 69 KB updating with new font
09:09, 25 May 2009 Kuwait airport.jpg (file) 160 KB correcting
21:07, 24 May 2009 Souk-ahras barage.jpg (file) 249 KB horizing
20:51, 24 May 2009 A Boat in the Nile River.JPG (file) 584 KB Horizing
12:03, 20 May 2009 Arwiki-ad11.gif (file) 91 KB {{Information |Description={{ar|قالب إعلان لمشاريع بوابة طيران في ويكيبديا العربية.}} |Source=self-made |Date=09-05-20 |Author= Mo7amedsalim |Permission= |other_versions= }} [[Category:Anim
06:25, 11 May 2009 EAF - DHC-5D.JPG (file) 511 KB {{Information |Description={{en|1=De Havilland Canada DHC-5D Buffalo aprooching Almaza airbase}} {{ar|1=طائرة دي هافلاند كندا دي إتش سي-5دي تابعة للقوات الجوية المصرية تقترب من قاعدة ألما�
09:55, 5 May 2009 West Cairo Airbase.JPEG (file) 1 MB {{Information |Description= Aerial view of Cairo West Airport the staging site for aircraft participating in BRIGHT STAR '83, the joint U.S. and Egyptian military training exercise. Three U.S. Air Force B-52 bombers are on the parking ramp. Exact Date Sho
09:25, 4 May 2009 Egyptain F-16 and three U.S. Marine Corps FA-18A.JPEG (file) 3.39 MB {{Information |Description={{en|1=An Egyptain F-16 Fighting Falcon leads a formation of three U.S. Marine Corps F/A-18A Hornet aircraft from Mairne Fighter Attack Squadron 531 (VMFA-531), Marine Aircraft Group II (MAG-11), during the multinational joint s
21:46, 30 April 2009 Mil Mi-8 - EAF.JPG (file) 485 KB {{Information |Description={{en|1=An Egyptian Air Force Mil Mi-8}} {{ar|1=مروحية ميل مي-8 تابعة للقوات الجوية المصرية}} |Source=Own work by uploader |Author=Mo7amedsalim |Date=21-04-2009 |Permission
08:01, 27 April 2009 Aviation Projects.png (file) 32 KB {{Information |Description={{en|1=a Symbol for Aviation Projects.}} {{ar|1=شعار لمشاريع الطيران}} |Source=Own work by uploader |Author=Mo7amedsalim |Date=209-04-26 |Permission= |other_versions= }} <!--{{ImageUpload
20:37, 18 April 2009 Lufthansa - Airbus A340 (D-AIFC) at Cairo International Airport (April 2009).jpeg (file) 1.59 MB {{Information |Description={{ar|طائرة إيرباص إيه320-211 تابعة للوفتاهانزا بعد غقلاعها من مطار القاهرة.}} {{en|Lufthansa - Airbus A320-211 after leaving Cairo Int. Airport.}} |Source=self-made |Date=200
16:40, 17 April 2009 Cairo Tower Night.JPG (file) 262 KB {{Information |Description={{en|1=Cairo Tower At Night}} {{ar|1=برج القاهرة ليلاً بعد التجديدات}} |Source=Own work by uploader |Author=Mo7amedsalim |Date=2009-04-16 |Permission= |other_versions= }} <!--{{I
16:59, 15 April 2009 Eng Salem Nashwan Village, Egypt.jpg (file) 625 KB {{Information |Description={{en|1=Sign to Eng Salem Nashwan Village in Kafr el Shikh, Egypt}} {{ar|1=يافطة تشير إلى قرية المهندس سالم نشوان ، بكفر الشيخ ، مصر.}} |Source=Own work by uploader |Author=[[User:Mo7
07:12, 10 April 2009 A380 orders0409.JPG (file) 23 KB {{Information |Description=Shows cumulative orders for the A380 till April 09 |Source=self-made |Date=10-04-2009 |Author= Mo7amedsalim |Permission= |other_versions= }} Category:Airbus A380
17:41, 2 April 2009 EAF - Lockheed C-130H Hercules.JPG (file) 272 KB Cropping
17:04, 2 April 2009 EgyptAir Express - Embraer 170.JPG (file) 222 KB retouch adjust the colors
16:14, 2 April 2009 Egypt - Government - Dassault Falcon (Mystere) 20E.JPG (file) 149 KB Cropping
15:44, 2 April 2009 PAS - De Havilland Canada DHC-8-315Q Dash 8.JPG (file) 266 KB Cropping
09:10, 30 March 2009 EAF Westland Sea King 2.JPG (file) 325 KB cropping
08:47, 30 March 2009 EAF Westland Sea King.JPG (file) 1.7 MB {{Information |Description={{en|1=Egyptian Air Force Westland Sea King}} {{ar|1=مروحية ويست لاند كوماندو تابعة للقوات الجوية المصرية}} |Source=Own work by uploader |Author=Mo7amedsalim |Da
13:50, 19 February 2009 DYK questionmark icon Arabic.svg (file) 3 KB {{Information |Description={{en|1=An Arabic Question mark}} {{ar|1=علامة إستفهام عربية.}} |Source=Own work by uploader |Author=Mo7amedsalim |Date=2009-02-19 |Permission= |other_versions=[[:File:DYK questionmark
14:40, 13 February 2009 Petroleum Air Services.jpg (file) 189 KB Cropping the orignial one
22:07, 18 January 2009 Nasr City Cairo ESC large ISS011 ISS011-E-13421.JPG (file) 207 KB {{Information |Description=Nasr City - Cairo - Egypt from above |Source=The original photo from []. |Date=2005-09-23 - 07:28:42 |Author= |Permission= |other_versions=No }} [
12:32, 6 December 2008 FA-18 Trap.jpg (file) 686 KB {{Information |Description={{en|An FA-18 makes an arrested landing aboard a US aircraft carrier.}} |Source=Transferred from [ en.wikipedia]; transferred to Commons by User:Mo7amedsalim using [
14:37, 2 December 2008 Gomheria Egyptian Air Force.jpg (file) 131 KB {{Information |Description={{ar|1=الطائرة بيست مان بي يو 181 " الجمهورية" تابعة للقوات الجوية المصرية. الطائرة رقم 315}} |Source= |Author=Egyptian Air Force |Date=
20:19, 7 November 2008 Tutor8.jpg (file) 2.68 MB {{Information |Description=Grob G 115E Tutor |Source=en wikipedia |Date=2007 |Author=Steven Mason |Permission={{GFDL-self-no-disclaimers}} |other_versions= }} Category:Grob Aerospace Category:Trainer aircraft <!--{{ImageUpload|basic}}-->
12:50, 27 October 2008 Concrete in Nasr City Cairo.jpg (file) 278 KB {{Information |Description={{ar|1=خلط ميكانيكي لخرسانة مبني في المنطقة السادسة - مدينة نصر - القاهرة.}} |Source=Own work by uploader |Author=Mo7amedsalim |Date=27 Oct 2008 |Permiss
22:04, 28 September 2008 Lockheed C-130H Hercules (L-382).jpg (file) 132 KB {{Information |Description=Lockheed_C-130H_Hercules , Egyptian Air Forces |Source=self-made |Date=2008 |Author= Mo7amedsalim |Permission= |other_versions= }} Category:C-130 Hercules on the ground Category:Air force of Egypt
00:23, 14 September 2008 Antonov-124.gif (file) 23 KB {{Information |Description={{en|1=Antonov An-124 ( 3 sides view )}} {{ar|1=أنتونوف 124 رسم من ثلاثة جهات.}} |Source=Own work by uploader |Author=Mo7amedsalim |Date=2008 |Permission= |other_versions=No }} <!--{{I
15:10, 10 September 2008 Mirage 2000C 3-view Arabic.gif (file) 41 KB {{Information |Description={{en|1=Mirage 2000C 3-view in Arabic}} {{ar|1=ميراج 2000 ، من الثلاث جهات}} |Source=Own work by uploader |Author=Mo7amedsalim |Date=2008 |Permission= |other_versions=NO }} <!--{{ImageUplo
17:36, 28 August 2008 ElWehdaMosque SidiSalem.jpg (file) 400 KB {{Information |Description={{en|1=EL-Wehda mosque - Sidi Salem , Egypt}} {{ar|1=مسجد الوحدة - سيدى سالم ، مصر}} |Source=Own work by uploader |Author=Mo7amedsalim |Date=2007 |Permission= |other_versions=No }} <!
17:54, 16 August 2008 Nil in Cairo.JPG (file) 1.75 MB {{Information |Description={{en|1=3 boots in the Nil River in Cairo , in the back Cairo Tower.}} {{ar|1=3 قوارب فى نهر النيل بالقاهرة ، فى الخلف يظهر برج القاهرة}} |Source=Own work by uploader |Author=[[User:Mo
22:22, 3 August 2008 Fish Farms.jpg (file) 325 KB {{Information |Description={{en|1=Fish Farms in Sidi Salem ,EG}} {{ar|1=مزارع أسماك فى سيدى سالم ,مصر}} |Source=Own work by uploader |Author=Mo7amedsalim |Date=1-8-2008 |Permission= |other_versions=no }} {{Ima
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