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This special page shows all uploaded files that have not been deleted; for those see the upload log.

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Date Name Thumbnail Size Description
10:35, 26 May 2006 Zh Breast cancer illustrations.GIF (file) 24 KB  
09:11, 26 May 2006 Mammo breast cancer.jpg (file) 17 KB Normal (left) versus cancerous (right) mammography image. {{PD-USgov}}
10:44, 16 May 2006 Cheer stunt.jpg (file) 77 KB 260x425 (78,408 bytes) Subject: Cheerleading Photographer: User:Nv8200p Date: November 26, 2005 Location: Austin, Texas)
10:45, 13 May 2006 Coronary artery bypass surgery Image 657C-PH.jpg (file) 2.17 MB {{PD-USGov-NIH}} Heart-lung machine in a cardiac surgery. 6010x4586 (2,271,792 bytes) {{PD-USGov-HHS-NIH}} Title: Coronary artery bypass surgery Image ID: 657 C Photographer: Jerry Hecht Restrictions: Public Domain Image Date: 1
23:55, 11 May 2006 Making Paper.gif (file) 285 KB Originally uploaded by in Chinese Wikipedia. It's a public domain image, describing five major steps in ancient Chinese papermaking process. 原圖檔由 上傳到中文維基。
23:55, 30 March 2006 IVP Duplication.jpg (file) 156 KB Created by Morning2k. One of a series of IVP films at 15 minutes after injection of contrast medium showed incomplete duplication of left collecting system. This indicates a congenital anomaly.
23:51, 30 March 2006 KUB stone.jpg (file) 164 KB Created by Morning2k. A KUB film shows an radiopaque lesion over left paraspinal area, indicating a large ureteral stone.