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19:29, 28 September 2011 Wikipedia - Bug with donation banner.png (file) 50 KB  
14:58, 22 July 2011 Bug with the feedback tool.png (file) 73 KB  
16:29, 22 June 2011 Wolfson court main entrance.jpg (file) 1.83 MB  
21:08, 17 August 2010 Wines of the chateau de Terrefort.JPG (file) 3.92 MB {{Information |Description={{en|1=The wines of the chateau de Terrefort.}} |Source={{own}} |Author=Randomblue |Date=2010/08/17 |Permission= |other_versions= }} Category:Cubzac-les-Ponts
20:36, 17 August 2010 River Dordogne seen from Cubzac.JPG (file) 2.8 MB {{Information |Description={{en|1=The river Dordogne seen from Cubzac.}} |Source={{own}} |Author=Randomblue |Date=2010/08/17 |Permission= |other_versions= }} Category:Cubzac-les-Ponts
19:34, 17 August 2010 Cubzac church.jpg (file) 1.94 MB {{Information |Description={{en|1=The front of the Cubzac church.}} |Source={{own}} |Author=Randomblue |Date=2010/08/16 |Permission= |other_versions= }} Category:Cubzac-les-Ponts
18:12, 7 August 2010 Pont autoroutier de Cubzac-les-Ponts.JPG (file) 400 KB {{Information |Description={{en|1=The motorway bridge of Cubzac-les-Ponts.}} |Source={{own}} |Author=Randomblue |Date=2010-08-07 |Permission= |other_versions= }} Category:Cubzac-les-Ponts
18:08, 7 August 2010 Arches du pont routier de Cubzac.jpg (file) 778 KB {{Information |Description={{en|1=Arches of the Cubzac-les-Ponts road bridge.}} |Source={{own}} |Author=Randomblue |Date=2010-08-07 |Permission= |other_versions= }} Category:Cubzac-les-Ponts
17:55, 23 July 2010 Péage du pont suspendu de Cubzac-les-Ponts.jpg (file) 55 KB {{Information |Description={{en|1=The toll fees for the suspension bridge of Cubzac-les-Ponts.}} |Source= |Author=Unknown to uploaded |Date=1839 |Permission= |other_versions= }} [[Category:Cubz
17:50, 23 July 2010 Pont suspendu de Cubzac-les-Ponts.jpg (file) 98 KB {{Information |Description={{en|1=A sketch of the suspension bridge of Cubzac-les-Ponts.}} |Source= |Author=Unknown to uploaded |Date=1841 |Permission= |other_versions= }} [[Category:Cubzac-les
21:54, 18 July 2010 The Eiffel bridge of Cubzac-les-Ponts from the side.jpg (file) 808 KB {{Information |Description={{en|1=A view of the Eiffel bridge of Cubzac-les-Ponts from the side.}} |Source={{own}} |Author=Randomblue |Date= |Permission= |other_versions= }} Category:Cubzac-les-Ponts
21:46, 18 July 2010 Château des quatre fils Aymon.jpg (file) 4.99 MB {{Information |Description={{en|1=The château des quatre fils Aymon, at Cubzac-les-Ponts.}} |Source={{own}} |Author=Randomblue |Date=2010-07-18 |Permission= |other_versions= }} Category:Cubzac-les-Ponts
21:28, 18 July 2010 Rail bridge of Cubzac from side.jpg (file) 703 KB {{Information |Description={{en|1=A view of the rail bridge of Cubzac, from the side. Reminiscent of Eiffel's style.}} |Source={{own}} |Author=Randomblue |Date=2010-07-18 |Permission= |other_versions= }} Category:Cubzac-les-Ponts
20:36, 18 July 2010 Sandstone caves in Cubzac.jpg (file) 3.18 MB {{Information |Description={{en|1=Caves created by removing sandstone from a quarry.}} |Source={{own}} |Author=Randomblue |Date=2010-07-18 |Permission= |other_versions= }} Category:Cubzac-les-Ponts
19:37, 18 July 2010 Eiffel bridge of Cubzac-les-Ponts.JPG (file) 4.2 MB {{Information |Description={{en|1=The Eiffel bridge in Cubzac-les-Ponts.}} |Source={{own}} |Author=Randomblue |Date=2010-07-18 |Permission= |other_versions= }} Category:Cubzac-les-Ponts
19:25, 18 July 2010 Mairie of Cubzac.jpg (file) 3.37 MB {{Information |Description={{en|1=The mairie of Cubzac.}} |Source={{own}} |Author=Randomblue |Date=2010-07-18 |Permission= |other_versions= }} Category:Cubzac-les-Ponts
19:11, 18 July 2010 Plaque des 4 fils aymon.jpg (file) 1.72 MB {{Information |Description={{en|1=Plaque found at the "4 FILS AYMON" castle.}} |Source={{own}} |Author=Randomblue |Date=2010-07-18 |Permission= |other_versions= }}
19:03, 18 July 2010 Pont férroviaire de Cubzac.jpg (file) 2.64 MB {{Information |Description={{en|1=View of the rail bridge from a small bridge.}} |Source={{own}} |Author=Randomblue |Date=2010-07-18 |Permission= |other_versions= }} Category:Cubzac-les-Ponts