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LrMediaWiki (COM:LRMW)

LrMediaWiki is a free and open source plug-in for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom that supports MediaWiki export. At the moment, LrMediaWiki is in the beta state.



LrMediaWiki requires a Lightroom 4, 5 or 6 installation and runs both, on Windows and on macOS.


  • Download the latest version of LrMediaWiki from GitHub (currently
  • The archive contains a folder called mediawiki.lrplugin. Unpack it to a location of your choice, but do not change the name of the folder mediawiki.lrplugin.
  • In Lightroom, open the Plug-in Manager (Windows and macOS: FilePlug-in Manager…).
  • Click Add and select the mediawiki.lrplugin you unpacked before.
  • “MediaWiki for Lightroom” should now appear in the listing on the left. Confirm that its icon is green and the status is “Installed and running.”
  • Add this page to your watchlist to see when there are new releases. Update the plug-in the same way that you installed it. There is no auto-update mechanism in the moment.


LrMediaWiki export dialog (v0.4)

LrMediaWiki adds the target “MediaWiki” to the Lightroom export dialog. As a first step, it is recommended to create an export preset with your username, your preferred license, your user categories and your preferred naming scheme. Afterwords, use the file metadata to specify file descriptions and categories (preset “All Plug-in Metadata”).

General settings (per export)[edit]

At the “Login Information” section of the export dialog, you have to specify your login credentials and the MediaWiki installation to which you want to upload the pictures.

Your MediaWiki username.
Your MediaWiki password.
API Path
The path to the api.php file of the MediaWiki installation you want to access. For Wikimedia wikis, this is, e. g. Be sure to use a secure connection (HTTPS) to protect your login credentials. If you just want to test, you can use the Beta Commons at
If this field is set, LrMediaWiki adds a gallery of your uploads to the page with the specified title.

Upload settings (per export)[edit]

At the “Upload Information” section of the export dialog, you have to specify details for the description pages of the uploaded files.

The source of the files, usually {{own}}.
The author of the files, usually [[User:YourUserName|]].
The license template to use, e. g. {{Cc-by-sa-4.0}}. Can also contain additional templates that are placed below the {{Information}}.
Permission information like {{PermissionOTRS}}
Other templates
Other templates like {{Panorama}} or {{Personality rights}} that will be added below {{Information}} and above the license section.
Other fields
Other fields like a {{Credit line}} to use in the {{Information}}.
The categories all uploaded pictures should be added to, without the Category: prefix. Seperate multiple categories with a ; (no spaces!). All uploads are added to Category:Uploaded with LrMediaWiki by default.

If you press the button “Preview generated wikitext,” you can check the description page that LrMediaWiki will generate for you.

Upload settings (per file)[edit]

Fields per file

The file description used on the description page and the categories are taken from the file metadata. In Lightroom's library module open the metadata section at the right panel (shortcut Windows: Ctrl+4, macOS: cmd+4) and select at the upper left corner the metadata tagset “MediaWiki for Lightroom”. LrMediaWiki supports the generation of two different infobox templates, either {{Information}} or {{Artwork}}. At export dialog you will be urged to select one of both templates. The fields of the metadata tagset “MediaWiki for Lightroom" are clustered in two groups, "Information & Artwork" and "Artwork":

  • If you intend to use {{Information}} at export, use the five fields of the first group "Information & Artwork"; the fields of the second group "Artwork" will not be used at export.
  • If you intend to use {{Artwork}} at export, use the fields of both groups "Information & Artwork" and "Artwork"; the fields of both groups will be used at export.

You can specify:

Group "Information & Artwork"[edit]

Description (en)
An English description using wiki markup, e. g. A special [[:en:file|]].
Description (de)
A German description using wiki markup, e. g. Eine spezielle [[:de:Datei|]].
Description (other)
Additional wiki markup for descriptions in other languages to be placed below the English and the German descriptions using, e. g. {{fr|1=A French description.}}.
Templates, embedded in {{}}
Categories, separated by the character ";" – avoid blanks before and after this separator character

Furthermore the date for {{Information}} is taken from the EXIF data.

Group "Artwork"[edit]

The fields in this group (from Artist to Wikidata) refer to the fields of the template {{Artwork}}. Please view the documentation of this template for usage of its fields.


The two samples illustrate how entries at file level (right side) and at export dialog (middle) result to a preview of the generated wikitext (left).

Plugin settings[edit]

LrMediaWiki configuration

Open FilePlug-in ManagerLrMediaWiki to access these settings.

Create snapshots on export
If checked, a development snapshot will be created after every successful MediaWiki export.
Export keyword
If set, this keyword will be added to the photo after a successful MediaWiki export.
Check for new plugin versions
If checked, LrMediaWiki checks whether there are updates for this plugin after every start of LrMediaWiki (by sending a query to
Enable logging
If checked, LrMediaWiki writes all requests and responses to a log file in your ‘My Documents’ folder. Be very careful when using this option as this includes the login request with your password! You should only enable this option if you really need it, and you should not share log files without checking their content.


For error reports, feedback, questions or feature requests, please use the bugtracker on GitHub or the talk page Commons talk:LrMediaWiki. Here are some known problems and hints.

Export presets
You can easily define export presets using the target MediaWiki. If you specify your default author, source, license and categories and save this export preset, you can just right-click on a file and select ExportWith Presets → Your Preset to upload a file.
What happens if there already is a file with the name I chose?
LrMediaWiki will ask you what to do: You can stop the upload of your file, you can overwrite the existing file with a comment and you can change the name of your file.
Category autocompletion
At the moment, there is no category autocompletion. It’s possible to add this to the export dialog, but it would be much more helpful if there was autocompletion for the file categories. I’m still looking for a way to implement this.
Input validation
At the moment, there is no validation of your input. You can use license templates or add categories that do not exist.


Please support LrMediaWiki by

  • using and testing (and giving feedback!),
  • writing, translating and improving the documentation or
  • help coding.

If you have questions, please leave a message on the talk page Commons talk:LrMediaWiki.

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