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Picture of the Year 2013

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We are looking for an icon-designer for our content-galleries. If you have the feeling that you are able to create a set of consistent, intuitive and scalable icons, please let us know.


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High-contrast-camera-video.svg File:High-contrast-camera-video.svg
Mixed forest silhouette scaled-to-hight, quadratic.svg File:Mixed forest silhouette scaled-to-hight, quadratic.svg
Leaf icon (Noun Project).svg File:Leaf icon (Noun Project).svg
Ic not interested 48px.svg File:Ic not interested 48px.svg
Pluie-inondation.png File:Pluie-inondation.png
Db-Schild.svg File:Db-Schild.svg
High-contrast-edit-clear.svg File:High-contrast-edit-clear.svg
Pillar column icon (Noun Project).svg File:Pillar column icon (Noun Project).svg
Skull Icon (Noun Project).svg File:Skull Icon (Noun Project).svg
David face.png File:David face.png
Mountain icon (Noun Project).svg File:Mountain icon (Noun Project).svg
US 66.svg File:US 66.svg
Spider icon (Noun Project).svg File:Spider icon (Noun Project).svg
Camara.svg File:Camara.svg
Group font awesome.svg File:Group font awesome.svg
Vogelicoon.png File:Vogelicoon.png
Paint palette icon from the Noun Project.svg File:Paint palette icon from the Noun Project.svg
City icon (Noun Project).svg File:City icon (Noun Project).svg
Black book icon.svg File:Black_book_icon.svg
City icon (Noun Project).svg File:City icon (Noun Project).svg
Legenda grodzisko.svg File:Legenda grodzisko.svg
A30 Low-level interior illumination.svg File:A30 Low-level interior illumination.svg
Mosque x2.svg File:Mosque x2.svg
Noun project 1026.svg File:Noun project 1026.svg
David face.png File:David face.png
Butterfly icon (Noun Project).svg File:Butterfly_icon_(Noun_Project).svg
Mine de charbon.svg File:Mine de charbon.svg
Treasure map - black.svg File:Treasure_map_-_black.svg
Moose icon (Noun Project).svg File:Moose icon (Noun Project).svg
Panorama icon (Noun Project).svg File:Panorama icon (Noun Project).svg
Escallop.svg File:Escallop.svg
City icon (Noun Project).svg File:City icon (Noun Project).svg
Frog icon (Vuze).png File:Frog icon (Vuze).png