Speed limit road signs

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English: A gallery of traffic signs relating to speed limits.

Minimum speed limit signs[edit]

Maximum speed signs (by speed in km/h)[edit]

5 km/h[edit]

10 km/h[edit]

15 km/h[edit]

20 km/h[edit]

25 km/h[edit]

30 km/h[edit]

40 km/h[edit]

50 km/h[edit]

60 km/h[edit]

70 km/h[edit]

80 km/h[edit]

90 km/h[edit]

100 km/h[edit]

110 km/h[edit]

120 km/h[edit]

130 km/h[edit]

140 or more km/h[edit]

Maximum speed signs (by speed in mph)[edit]

20 mph[edit]

30 mph[edit]

80 mph[edit]

United Kingdom[edit]

United States[edit]

Speed limit signs[edit]

Maximum speed signs[edit]

Truck speed signs[edit]

Night speed limit signs[edit]

Minimum speed limit signs[edit]

Reduced speed limit signs[edit]

Metricated signs[edit]