Stamps of Austria, 1867-1917

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English: This page presents stamps of the Austria-Hungary Monarchy issued after the compromise of 1867, for use in Cisleithania, until the creation of the First Republic of Austria Deutschösterreich in 1918. Current names are noted, and bilingual cancellations highlighted. See the Stamps of the Kingdom of Hungary for those in use in Transleithania.
Français : Cette page rassemble et ordonne les timbres de la monarchie austro-hongroise depuis le compromis de 1867, jusqu'à la création de la Première république d'Autriche et l'abdication du dernier empereur Charles Ier en 1918, utilisés en Cisleilthanie. Les noms actuels sont donnés. Les premières oblitérations bilingues sont mises en évidence.
Deutsch: Kaiserreich, Kronenwährung Markenreihe.

1867-1874 Issues[edit]

The distinction between the 2 issues is sometimes difficult. When used, only clear cancellations (some call them SON - Socked On the Nose) are worth this gallery. They are sorted by value (2 to 50 kreuzer).

Type I issued in 1867, also used in Hungarian Monarchy until 1871[edit]

2 kreuzer[edit]

3 kreuzer[edit]

5 kreuzer[edit]

10 kreuzer[edit]

15 kreuzer[edit]

25 kreuzer[edit]

Most usual shades: grey-lilac, violet, lilac, brownish-lilac. Grey is rare.

50 kreuzer[edit]

Shades from brown, reddish-brown to brown-rose. Truly used stamps are scarce. Mostly used for money transfer (Geld-Anweisung).

Type II issued in 1874[edit]

1883 Issue[edit]

Valid until 30 June 1891

1890 Issue[edit]

Values 1 kreuzer to 2 Gulden. Many perforations types, several papers. High values (in Gulden) are engraved.

1891 Issue (valid until 30/9/1900)[edit]

1896 Issue (valid until 30/9/1900)[edit]

1899 December to 1902 Heller - Kronen[edit]

Values 1 heller to 4 kronen in the new currency . In 1901, values 1 to 60 heller were protected by oblique varnish bars.

1904-1905 issues[edit]

Values 1 to 72 heller. Granite paper with varnish lines Lackstreifen in 1904; without after November 1905. Valid only until 31 October 1908. Were also used in the Levant post-offices.

1906 issue[edit]

1908 Jubilee issue (60 years Franz-Joseph Monarchy)[edit]

1910 80th Anniversary[edit]


The last emperor of Austria Charles I resigned in a declaration dated November 11, 1918, Vienna.

Postage due Stamps[edit]

See the Gallery Postage due stamps of Austria.

Newspaper stamps (1867-1922)[edit]

Mercury head in various shapes.

Telegraph stamps (1873-1874)[edit]

See the Gallery Telegraph stamps of Austria.

Airmail stamps March 1918[edit]

Overprints FLUGPOST.