Stamps of Bavaria

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English: Postage stamps of Bavaria, Kingdom (1848-1914), and Republic (1919-1920).
Deutsch: Briefmarken des Königreich Bayern (1848-1914) sowie der Republik Bayern (1919-1920).
Français : Timpres-poste du Royaume de Bavière (1848-1914), et de la République (1919-1920).

Sorted according to the MICHEL Briefmarken-Katalog Deutschland 1993/94. See the Gallery Postmarks of Bavaria for a description of the cancellations.

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Kingdom of Bavaria - Kreuzer issues[edit]

1 November 1849 issue - Plate 1[edit]

Typographed (Buchdruck, Schriftmetall) in Munich, design (Stecher) by Franz Max Joseph Seitz, based on a drawing of Johann Peter Haseney.

May 1850 issue - Plate 2[edit]

The large 1 border line is not interrupted. Brass engraved Messingprägung.

November 1849 coloured issues[edit]

Paper with vertical silk wire. Colour shades.

1850-1862 numerals[edit]

1 October 1862 issue[edit]

New colours.

1867-1868 issues - Wappenausgabe[edit]

Coats of arms designed by J.P. Riess, non-perforated. Typographed (Buchdruck), embossed (Prägedruck) with silk wire (Seidenfaden). Issue delayed by the 1866 war. The 7 kreuzer value was needed when the tarif for heavy letters (foreign destination) was raised from 6 kr.[1]

October 1868 issue[edit]

1870-1873 issues[edit]

Vertical waves filigrane. First perforated issue.

1875 issues[edit]

Pfennig - Mark issues[edit]

1876-1878 issues[edit]

Use of new currency: 100 Pfennig = 1 Mark. Drawing by J.P. Riess of the Bavarian mint. Typo by J.G. Weiss.

1881 issue[edit]

Vertical waves as filigrane. Typographed and embossed by J.G. Weiss or by Royal Mint (Kgl. Münze). 3 Pfg to 1 Mark. Valid until 31 January 1893 or 30 June 1912 (10-20 Pfg, 1 M).

1888-1900 issues[edit]

Horizontal waves as filigrane. Typographed and embossed. 3 Pfg to 5 Mark.

1890 sub-issue[edit]

1900 sub-issue (white paper)[edit]

Identifier Mixxy[2] means that there exists a reddish paper also.

1911 March 10, 90th Anniversary of Luitpold, Prince Regent of Bavaria[edit]

Photolithography on coloured paper. Design by Prof. A. von Kaulbach.

1914-1916 issues[edit]

Portrait of King Ludwig III of Bavaria (1913-1918) by Prof. W. Firle (1859-1929). Photogravure Rastertiefdruck by F.A. Bruckmann. There are two issues, differing by the printing quality, paper, shades etc.

Official stamps[edit]

For the Railway services Für Eisenbahnbehörden[edit]

1908 overprint on 1900 issue with letter E. Valid until 30-06-1912.


1 March 1919 Volkstaat Bayern[edit]

Issue 1916 with overprint Volkstaat Bayern (People State of Bavaria). Also issued non-perforated 4 March 1920. Values 3 Pfg to 20 Mark.

6 August 1919 Freistaat Bayern[edit]

Issue 1916 with overprint Freistaat Bayern (Free State of Bavaria). Also issued non-perforated 4 March 1920. Values 3 Pfg to 20 Mark.


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