Stamps of Bosnia and Herzegovina

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The Ottoman Empire provinces of Bosnia and Herzegovina were military administered by Austria-Hungary as decided by the Congress of Berlin (1878), before their annexation in 1908. There is no country name (only the Habsburg coats of arms) before the landscapes issue in 1906.

Issue 1879-1894 (lithographed)[edit]

  • French: Lithographiés
  • German: Steindruck

Issue 1894-1899 (typographed)[edit]

  • French: Typographiés
  • German: Buchdruck

Values 1/2 kr to 20 kr.

Issue 1900-1901[edit]

Currency Heller and Kronen, numerals below. Normally perforated 12².

Issues 1901-1906[edit]

Black numerals.

Issue 1906 Landscapes[edit]

First issue with the country name (in German). Landscapes (engraved) design by Koloman Moser. Values 1 heller to 5 Kronen (Michel N° 29-44). Usually perforated 12².

Issue 1910[edit]

For the 80 years of Franz Joseph 1830-1910, modified pictorial issue. Values 1 heller to 5 kronen.

Issues 1912[edit]

New header K.u K. Militär Post on 4 October. Engraved by F. Schirnböck on a Koloman Moser design.

Journal stamps 1913[edit]

Non-perforated 4 values (2 to 20 heller), Bosnian dressed girl. This model has been re-used in Yugoslavia.

War issues 1914-1916[edit]

Charity issues (overprints).

Issues 1916-1917[edit]

Oct 1916[edit]

3 h to 10 Kr. Mi99-116.

May 1917[edit]

Issue 1917 - 3d year after Sarajevo murder[edit]

Issue July 1917 - Charles I of Austria[edit]

Engraved, design by A. Cossmann. Values 3 h to 10 kronen. Text Bosnien-Hercegovina, K u K Militär Post.

Issue July1918 for the victims of war[edit]

Design by Alfred Cossmann. Portraits Charles Ier and Zita. Text K u K Militärpost- Karlfonds

Issue 11 November 1918[edit]

Overprints for use in the new State of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, Bosnia and Herzegovina region.

Postage due issues 1904-1916[edit]