Stamps of Germany, 1872-1900

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Postage stamps issued by the Reichspost (period 1872-1900) in the Empire of Germany.

Sorted by the Michel catalog.

First issue on 1st January 1872[edit]

Embossed small shield - Adler mit kleinem Brustschild

Groschen currency - Thalerwährung[edit]

For use in the Northern states. 1/4 to 5 Groschen (1/6 Thaler)

Kreuzer currency[edit]

For use in the Southern states.

Internal use[edit]

April 1872[edit]

June 1872 (large shield - Gross Brustschild)[edit]

Groschen currency[edit]

Kreuzer currency[edit]

January 1874[edit]

January 1875 - 1877 Pfennige[edit]

The imperial eagle is embossed.

1880 Pfennig[edit]

Imperial eagle embossed; Pfennig without final e

October 1889[edit]

Variations in colors exist, as this series was printed until 1900.

March 1900[edit]

January 1900 Germania[edit]

Design by w:de:Paul Eduard Waldraff (1870-1917).

April–December 1900[edit]