Stamps of the Duchy of Oldenburg

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Grand-duchy Oldenburg issued stamps from January 1852 to 1867. Incorporated in the North German Confederation on 1 January 1868.

The following galleries are sorted in accordance with GROBE Altdeutschland, 5. Auflage, 1975.

Issued 1852-1859[edit]

Lithographed (Steindruck) by Gerhard Stalling, Oldenburg. Values 1/3 Silbergroschen to 1/10 Thaler, black print on colored paper. Many forgeries circulate.

Issued 1859 July[edit]

Paper in color.

Issued 1861 January[edit]

White paper, rare.

Issued 1862-1867[edit]

Design by E. Schilling, Berlin and Weidenauer. Values 1/3 to 3 Groschen. Perforated rouletted 11 3/4 in 1862 and 10 in 1867.