Stamps of the Austrian Empire, 1850

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This page refers to the first stamps Issue of the Austrian Empire, from June 1, 1850 until 1858. There are several types and papers used (Hand made first, and Machine made, after 1854). The Gallery presents the values 1 to 9 kreuzer, most with high class, identifiable postmarks. Current place names and countries are identified. Unused stamps are very rare (catalog valuation at least 550 € in 2005).

1 kreuzer[edit]

Various color nuances, from yellow to brown-orange, and different cancellation types illustrated:

2 kreuzer[edit]

3 kreuzer[edit]

Type according to Ferchenbauer

Hand paper[edit]

Ferchenbauer type identified.

Machine paper[edit]

To be identified[edit]

6 kreuzer[edit]

Ferchenbauer Type I (Handpaper)[edit]

Ferchenbauer Type III[edit]

Last Handpaper prints; Machine paper only is this Type.

9 kreuzer[edit]

Newspaper stamps, issued 1851-1856[edit]