Sycamore Historic District

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Sycamore Historic District, Sycamore, Illinois, National Register of Historic Places. Image gallery.

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156 W. State Street[edit]

Citizens National Bank Building[edit]

Civil War Memorial[edit]

Court Building[edit]

Daniel Pierce Block[edit]

DeKalb County Courthouse[edit]

George's Block[edit]


124 Ottawa St.[edit]
134 Ottawa St.[edit]
312 Somonauk St.[edit]
314 S. Main St.[edit]
328 Somonauk St.[edit]
437 Somonauk St.[edit]
512 S. Main St.[edit]
719 Somonauk St.[edit]
804 Somonauk St.[edit]
Abram Ellwood House[edit]
Byers/Faissler House[edit]
Captain R.A. Smith House[edit]
Carlos Lattin House[edit]
Charles O. Boynton House[edit]
Chappell-Whittemore House[edit]
Charles O. Boynton Carriage House[edit]
Charles Kellum House[edit]
Chauncey Ellwood House[edit]
David Syme House[edit]
D.B. James Residence[edit]
Dr. Olin Smith House[edit]
Dr. Orlando M. Bryan House[edit]
Elmore Cooper House[edit]
Esther Mae Nesbitt House[edit]
Floyd E. Brown House[edit]
Frederick Townsend Residence[edit]
George Wild House[edit]
Henry Garbutt House[edit]
Hosea Willard House[edit]
James Ellwood House[edit]
J.H. Rogers Residence[edit]
John Gathercoal House[edit]
Universalist Church/Arthur Stark House[edit]
Wally Thurow House[edit]
William McAllister House[edit]
William Phelps House[edit]
William Robinson House[edit]
William Robinson/Elzey Young House[edit]

Main Street Park[edit]

National Bank & Trust Co.[edit]

Row Houses[edit]

St. Peter's Episcopal Church[edit]

Sycamore Baptist Church[edit]

Sycamore Hospital[edit]

Sycamore Public Library[edit]

Townsend Building[edit]

U.S. Post Office[edit]

Waterman Block[edit]