Tactical Air Command Emblems

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English: Emblems of the United States Air Force Tactical Air Command (1946-1992)

Tactical Air Command was a major command of the United States Air Force from 1946 to 1992. Its mission was to support the operations of United States Army ground forces.

Major Command Emblems[edit]

Numbered Air Forces[edit]


Fighter Units[edit]



Tactical Composite[edit]

Tactical Fighter[edit]

Tactical Training[edit]

Transport Units[edit]

Tactical Airlift[edit]

Troop Carrier[edit]

Air Defense, Tactical Air Command[edit]

As part of a realignment of military assets, the Aerospace Defense Command was inactivated as a Major Command on 1 October 1979. All assets of ADC were reassigned to Headquarters, Air Defense, Tactical Air Command (ADTAC). which was established compatible to a Numbered Air Force under TAC.



Fighter-Interceptor Squadrons[edit]