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Would be nice to have a map showing the geological features of the island. Especially concerning the volcanism and tectonic structure.

Reykholt 10:36, 24 Dec 2004 (UTC)

Removal of the Photogallery part[edit]

I managed to get most of the images which just had Category:Iceland sorted into better fitting categories to avoid this whole bunch of images. I marked two bad images (Image:Godafoss.jpg, Image:Myvatn-06.jpg) for deletion so there is nearly nothing left there. But this is another candidate for just a collection of random.

Well, the entries: Maps by The National Land Survey of Iceland, Positional maps and Parts of the country are very reasonable. While Satellite imagery might be either incomplete compared to Category:Iceland_from_Satellite or contains to much images (one in winter an one in summer might be enough - the additional two make no sense to me) I would consider the Photogallery as more or less useless. It just picks up random parts of the country and illustrates these with random images. We have much more images and the order in the parts is quite questionable. That's why I would be in favour of removing this photo gallery and go with the now usable category approach for this purpose.

Alternatively we might consider to collect only those pictures from Iceland who made it into the featured picture list to make sure that a certain quality of these images is given. In any case we need a critrium to select some pictures for this gallery instead on just having random images added here.

Andreas Tille 12:25, 5 September 2005 (UTC)

Fixing the Photogallery[edit]

I agree what you are saying about only collet pictures who have made it into the featured picture list, and we also need to catagorise those pictures.

P.S I am also working on getting some Beautiful high Res Images that we gan use in thiss gallery

"I" - who is I??

You might like to have a look at my Iceland gallery in commons or even at my personal photo gallery with much more images from Iceland. Put images from the first link into the FPC list or tell me which further images from my personal gallery should be moved to commons to set it onto the FPC list. I'd be happy to help out with good quality pictures but it is often helpful if somebody else suggests images that are considered "good". Andreas Tille 20:19, 2 January 2006 (UTC)

Ups i am sorry i forgott to tell you my name, Jus Call me Daniel

I am a little new here in wikipdia so i was just wondering, but what is the FPC list? and how do you put your signeture here? Daniel/Dannixx

Welcome to WikiMedia project. Please have a look at Template:Featured pictures candidates to learn what FPC (= featured pictures candidates) means and how to add pictures to this page. If you are not really sure you can also add a comment to my talk page or send me an e-mail to tillea _ at _ gmail _ dot _ com with your favourite images from the sites I mentioned above and I'll put it on the list myself. I just would like some response before putting images on the FPC list and fail absolutely in the rating of the image (as it was the case here)
BTW, if you are new here, just one hint: Sign your comments by using the sign '~' four times in the end of your Text (see the helping links right below the editing window).
Andreas Tille 06:59, 3 January 2006 (UTC)