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To do list[edit]

Add missing captions[edit]

Not all pictures in the gallery have captions. Please be bold and add one or more missing ones.

Find existing materials in Commons, categorize them and link to this gallery[edit]

There seem to be, at any given time, several pictures here on Wikimedia Commons, which show algal blooms but which are not in Category:Algal blooms (for microscopic images Category:Phytoplankton is often more suitable) or not linked to this gallery Algal bloom. To help fix this, you can:

Periodically search Commons, with at least these search keys:

  • algal bloom
  • phytoplankton
  • which other search keys?

When you find a page that belongs in the category and gallery, check its links and metadata.

  • if it is missing from the category, please edit the picture page itself to add [[Category:Algal blooms]] or [[Category:Phytoplankton]] to it
  • if it is missing from this gallery, please edit the gallery page to insert the picture page's name and a suitable caption

Find more materials in wikipedias, Flickr, Google images, NASA imagebase(s) etc.[edit]

Remember to limit hits to suitable licenses, if the search tool allows it - handling the hits will be ever so much easier! Upload those materials that correspond to the Wikimedia Commons licensing policy.

Take pictures of algal blooms yourself and upload them[edit]

Anything smaller scale than satellite is very welcome - satellite pictures are currently overrepresented. --Ronja 18:29, 28 October 2007 (UTC)

Quite a few types of pictures are missing. For example, at the moment we have no underwater pictures, such as:

  • photos of free-floating algal bloom
  • surface algal mats photographed from below

We also have no pictures with people in them, and only few pictures with animals in them.

We have no "this is how it developed" series: if you can document algal bloom developing in a body of water under one or two weeks, that would be a great addition.

What criteria should we use for microscopic image inclusion?[edit]

Should all microscopic images of phytoplankton be added to this gallery or should a separate microscopic phytoplankton gallery be created? How do we decide which microscopic images of phytoplankton to include, if only some of them are to be included here? --Ronja 18:29, 28 October 2007 (UTC)