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Short Biography[edit]

Anchise Picchi: Italian painter and sculptor - (Crespina, Pisa, Italy, 1, April, 1911).

Anchise Picchi studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and at the artistic Lyceum in Rome, where he had gotten the Diploma in teaching drawing and history of Art. His artistic education started since his youth for the proximity with artists of Macchiaiolo movement, like Galileo Chini, Francesco Gioli and, especially, Luigi Gioli which often invited the young artist in his studio, in Fauglia, (Pisa). So, the first period shows the influence of a such frequentation even if his works were not deeply affected by the influence of the Macchiaioli's stylistic revolution. Indeed he quickly appropriates numerous and different painting techniques that he handles in accordance to the needs of the subject he is working on. His long activity really spreads over the Twentieth Century, going from his earlier drawings, at five years old, until the last modern digital techniques by the use of a PC, on 1998, 85 years old. His great mastery in drawing don’t penalize his poetic sensibility at all, but rather enforces and sustains the feeling with the dealt theme. It is principally observed in the mixed technique paintings where a strong drawing composition is completed and enriched by a very sensitive layout of colours. In the oil paintings also, this inclination substantiates itself in the richness of the backgrounds, where the figures are immersed in smoky and foggy environments, so producing some indefinite and fluctuating observable situations, where the horizon seems to hide off the physical limits of the paintings. Special attention the author provides to the light contrasts and to the colour accordances, so remaining faithful to his opinion: There, where the light dies, Art dies too.


His preferred subjects and themes are: Tuscan landscapes, always with figures of peasantry at work, still life in fantastic background landscapes, various compositions in hyper-realistic manner, snowfalls, windstorms, fires, seascapes, portraits, some sacred subjects, such a series of Virgin Mary and the recurrent theme of the Crucifixion of Jesus, and, finally, the themes of the outcasts and of the indigents. Minor themes are: flowers, country landscapes and village sceneries.


Anchise Picchi is also a sculptor, with classical spirit but with modern feeling. This activity was practiced by the artist intermittently, with alternated operating and stopping periods. The preferred materials are: bronze, chalk, walnut and ceramics.

Subjects: Groups of Putti and groups of figures, often conceived in an environment that shows a multiple series of levels, so to construct a proper pictorial bas-relief

Anchise Picchi is now, at the age of 96, still working in Collesalvetti (Livorno, Italy), where he lives.