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Atlas column format[edit]

04-Sep-2007: Analogous to a large-size Atlas book, the Wikimedia Atlas was created (in March 2007) for very-wide screens; however, many users have 800x600 screen resolution, so column-size has been changed to allow custom column width ("atlas_label_width") for each nation's Atlas article. Many foreign languages have words about 30% longer than English words, so column width can be changed to improve text-wrapping of longer words. Along with narrow column labels, the "Template:Atlas-country" has been changed to allow setting labels for atlas_label_language (which defaults to "Major language(s)") and atlas_label_religion. For example, a short label could be set by using "atlas_label_religion = Religions" (rather than having the default label "Major religion(s)"). Thus far, only those 2 labels are customizable. -Wikid77 17:47, 4 September 2007 (UTC)