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Archive This is an archive of past discussions. Do not edit the contents of this page. If you wish to start a new discussion or revive an old one, please do so on the current talk page.

Globally wanted files

On commons there's a list of files that have been embedded the highest number of times across all wikis despite not existing.

It contains 1410 files starting with "BSIcon".

The most popular has been embedded 72 times, the least popular 11 times.


-Arb. (talk) 14:39, 11 November 2014 (UTC)

So... ? You have an idea how to set that list to skip BSicons? YLSS (talk) 16:40, 11 November 2014 (UTC)
Here’s those 1410 (non-)files in a list:
Extended content
-- Tuválkin 20:47, 11 November 2014 (UTC)
Most are really trivial. -- Tuválkin 20:51, 11 November 2014 (UTC)
Seems like the vast majority are files that have been renamed and are not even used in articlespace anyway. Circeus (talk) 13:12, 16 November 2014 (UTC)

Cutting continuations

uCSTRq uCCONTfq d uexCSTRq uexCCONTfq
uCSTRq uCCONTfq BSicon .svg uexCSTRq uexCCONTfq

I have just uploaded   (uexCCONTfq) which was based upon Useddenim's   (uCCONTfq), but has slightly altered geometry. In the original, the CUT line continues into the arrow unbroken. Looking for a little more visual harmony with our existing elevated continuations, I have broken the CUT line into 60px lengths (the old diameters for the elevated circles) centered on the triangles. Looking to get some feedback on this alternate design. Lost on Belmont (talk) 03:33, 19 November 2014 (UTC)

Quite a good idea, IMHO. However, both icons should be corrected to match the geometry of   (uCSTRq), as can be seen to the right. YLSS (talk) 08:35, 19 November 2014 (UTC)
It's a visual trick I guess but in   (uexCCONTfq) the "teeth" look larger than on the other BSicons. Maybe you could try a triangle from the left border that runs thinner to the right, or fading out? a×pdeHello! 16:07, 19 November 2014 (UTC)
That't not a trick, it's precisely what I meant above: the straight lines of the cutting in both icons are shifted outwards. YLSS (talk) 17:42, 19 November 2014 (UTC)
I've made the correction to the ex version. Any other thoughts? Lost on Belmont (talk) 23:02, 19 November 2014 (UTC)

Split icons

uexn uw-split2 uexn uw-split3
uexn uw-split+1 uexn uw-split+4
uexn uw-split2 un uw-split3
uexnSTR unSTR

I have just uploaded these four icons:   (uex???2)   (uex???3)   (uex???+1) and   (uex???+4). Together they (can be used to) make up the diagram at right, which represents a two line version of   (uvÜSTB).

This leaves me with two questions. First, what naming scheme should I adopt for such icons? Second, what category should they be put into? (They're currently in "experimental.")

Clearly my usage is that of a track change, however, that isn't exactly what each icon is on an individual basis. They have elements of narrow icons (each line is 50px) but each icon was based upon a uw junction. The problem here is that, for narrow icons, the f and g positions won't line up properly because of the offset. Also, they don't exactly represent junctions since the two narrow lines don't meet, but "run" parallel to each other to form a standard line.

ideas? Lost on Belmont (talk) 02:03, 21 November 2014 (UTC)

For those who have seen this and are still contemplating these icons, try this idea on for size. What if the "straight" narrow line was shifted slightly as it progressed so that it would align itself to match existing n icons? Lost on Belmont (talk) 02:18, 22 November 2014 (UTC)

Huh, but that would kill the only reason of these icons' existence: providing a neat (& beautiful) explanation of the track layout. YLSS (talk) 02:31, 22 November 2014 (UTC)
Not necessarily entirely. I gave it a whirl with a new icon, seen in the diagram in standard "u." It doesn't have the sharpness of the other geometry (and the bend is noticeable at 20px) but it does allow greater flexibility with existing narrow icons. If the other icons were modified accordingly, they would all line up with each other (with a slight bend in the straight sections). By no means is it perfect. Just throwing out other ideas that might make the icons useful beyond a specific (and narrow—no pun intended) application so that they might be "accepted." Lost on Belmont (talk) 03:31, 22 November 2014 (UTC)

Hm, and I have a different idea: how about squeezing those 4 icons vertically by the factor of 2 and keeping that as a single icon? In other words, making a double-width version of   (uvÜSTB)  (ubvÜSTB)? Or in yet other words, a narrow-line single-icon version of   ? It won't need to be compatible with other icons. YLSS (talk) 11:27, 22 November 2014 (UTC)

  (ubvÜSTB) – and also   (uexbvÜSTB) – uploaded. Also   (un uw-split3) redrawn with a more subtle shift. Useddenim (talk) 14:16, 22 November 2014 (UTC)
Seems like three great minds think alike. This was the second alternative I had in mind. Of course, when I got up this morning and logged on, not only had this very idea been proposed, but they'd also been made up! And now that Useddenim has created (and implemented) a "uexh" version, their original purpose has been fulfilled. Still, I think these icons could still have some standard usage with the modified design. As of right now, we still don't have many transition pieces between standard width and narrow icons. With the modified geometry for the straight pieces and the addition of some narrow uw curves, these could fill that particular role. In this situation, they could represent a kind of junction. Still can't think of an appropriate name other than   (un something g3). Thoughts? Lost on Belmont (talk) 15:59, 22 November 2014 (UTC)
I still dont like it ;-) but   (unABZg3) seems to be the right name, akin to   (uABZg3); it is slightly different from BSicon .svgBSicon unSTR.svgBSicon unSTR3.svg (unSTR3unSTR) , but that’s why we need have narrow lines at all: They are more than downscaled version of regular ones (which would be useless for vectorial diagram elements such as BSicons). -- Tuválkin 19:52, 22 November 2014 (UTC)
Yes. "unABZg3" was my first thought, but it is of course different than the "expected" geometry for that name. I'll wait a bit, to see if there are any objections to that naming scheme or other ideas and, if not, I'll start renaming. Lost on Belmont (talk) 22:13, 22 November 2014 (UTC)
There are objections! unABZg3 can only be BSicon .svgBSicon unSTR.svgBSicon unSTR3.svg (unSTR3unSTR) , we must maintain algorithmic solvability. Neither   (un uw-split3) nor   (uexn uw-split3) fit any of our current naming patterns, so if you are really keen on keeping them, some new roots will have to be invented, maybe something SPLitty. But I would favour just deleting them, now that the current issue has been solved. YLSS (talk) 11:48, 23 November 2014 (UTC)
We have   (STR2h+r) to differentiate from   (STR2+r), so—if we’re not going to simply delete the u(ex)n uw-split# icons—we also need to differentiate between   (un uw-split3) and BSicon .svgBSicon unSTR.svgBSicon unSTR3.svg (unABZg3) . Since the key difference is the side-by-side (i.e. double-width) line at the top (back) edge, that’s what needs to be denoted (similar to the half-width line in corner 2 of   (STR2h+r)). Perhaps   (unABZdg3) for double? Useddenim (talk) 12:44, 23 November 2014 (UTC)
Hail the return of ABZdg! ;) Wait, we're not done with the previous one... YLSS (talk) 13:23, 23 November 2014 (UTC)
I intend to keep them (unless everyone else is against). I have a (different) use for two of this kind already and I believe that if available, they could be very useful in the future (although more for the "main" set than the "u" set.") The "SPL" root seems to be for parallel lines, which is similar, but different than the concept here. Also, since YLSS has provided an existing (albeit depreciated) set for "ABZd," I don't think that would be prudent. How about "DIV" or "DVD" for divide/divde (all CSS and videos aside) or "TLN" for "teilen"? Lost on Belmont (talk) 15:58, 23 November 2014 (UTC)
I don't think we need a new root since these have the same overall geometry as an ABZ; and a new root doesn't necessarily indicate which is the doubled end when there's a construct such as BSicon .svgBSicon unSTR+l.svgx20px . Besides, the current ABZd is an aberration that has to go (and shouldn't have been created in the first place). Useddenim (talk) 16:06, 23 November 2014 (UTC)
Just to clarify: which icons —   (uexn uw-split3) & co. vs.   (un uw-split3) — are you presently talking about, Lost on belmont, and for which do you propose unABZdg3, Useddenim? YLSS (talk) 18:16, 23 November 2014 (UTC)
  (unABZdg3) unABZgd3 unABZg3d
double-width line at top double-width line at bottom double-width line at corner 3
The last two would require a 100-to-50 px taper, unless there were also other branches. Useddenim (talk) 18:54, 23 November 2014 (UTC)
If so, maybe better to use unABZgd+3f / unABZg+3df / unABZg+3fd? Although I hope you don't intend to upload the last two. I wanted myself to create a regular-to-narrow transition (could be used for single-track bridges, saw those at fr.wp), but combining it with a junction, a bit too much... YLSS (talk) 19:31, 23 November 2014 (UTC)
If I follow you correctly, Shouldn't that be unABZgd3f so that we have ABZ with g doubled to corner 3 and front? Lost on Belmont (talk) 19:42, 23 November 2014 (UTC)
No, I meant the same pattern as used for more complex uw-junctions, like   (uABZ1+3f). The more simple   (uABZg3) would be uABZg+3f under it. Just because Useddenim's patterns need three points possibly highlighted. YLSS (talk) 20:19, 23 November 2014 (UTC)
Since these aren't more complex junctions, I think the more basic naming system should be employed for these. So,   (uexnABZdg2),   (uexnABZdg3),   (uexnABZgd+1), and   (uexnABZgd+4) (once reconfigured). Right? Lost on Belmont (talk) 03:54, 25 November 2014 (UTC)
Dunno, if Useddenim wants to leave a provision "doubling" the other two points, then better unABZgd+3f. I can live with any. YLSS (talk) 07:38, 25 November 2014 (UTC)
Edit conflict. All of the above.   (uexn uw-split3) & co. will all be modified to be like   (un uw-split3). :) They could also be useful for canals and whatnot. Lost on Belmont (talk) 18:58, 23 November 2014 (UTC)

No narrow lines!

uvSTR d uvSTR
BSicon STR~R.svg
BSicon STR3.svg
BSicon STR~R.svg
BSicon STR+4.svg
uvSTR d uvSTR
BSicon .svg BSicon .svg BSicon .svg BSicon .svg
BSicon .svg
vSTR- + v-STR2
BSicon vSTR-.svg
vSTR3- + v-STR
BSicon vSTR3-.svg
BSicon .svg
BSicon .svg
vSTR- + v-STR+1
BSicon vSTR-.svg
vSTR+4- + v-STR
BSicon vSTR+4-.svg
BSicon .svg

Sorry to subvert your call for ideas, Lost on Belmont, but i.m.o. things like   (uvÜSTB) and even   (uPSL) (and especially their derivatives with portals and bridges) are not the way to go. If a given layout is too complex to put on a diagram cell at 500 px wide, then either draw it bigger (like in the red examples at the right), or simplify it.

I understand that’s not the issue with this thread (and that’s why I open a new subsection), but the problem you raise, about the misalignment between (or the need for a different alignment for) things like   (exnSTRlf) v.s   (eABZgnl) is a proof that regular 100px lines splitting in two adjoining narrow lines are nothing but a hacked version of double lines:   should rather be     on a diagram.

And if it is i.m.o. a bad idea to use things like   (vÜSTol) at all, it seems to me even worse to expand the use of narrow lines to multiple-row constructs, where there’s room enough to use 100px lines.

-- Tuválkin 13:48, 21 November 2014 (UTC)

Putting aside Lost on Belmont's icons, on which I haven't settled my mind yet, I have to say that you must be confusing things, Tuválkin. BSicons have never been good in representing the number of tracks in a line, and are rarely used for that, so   (eABZg+nl) and   (vSTR-eABZg+l) are completely different things. In the latter, there are two major lines that (we might assume) provide some different possibilities where to go to further on, in the former — only one, plus some minor line. Yes, there's the question of whether it is worth representing that minor line with a "narrow" line or a standard line would do as well, but let's leave that to designers of particular RDTs... Moreover, in   (vSTR-eABZg+l) the two major lines can quite possibly mean two pairs of tracks, i. e. two bi-directional routes; in such things as   (uvÜSTB) it is implied that each "narrow" line is not a "route" in itself, just a single-direction track of a two-track line. So the implications are really different. YLSS (talk) 15:22, 21 November 2014 (UTC)
I’m not “confusing” anything. I just happen to be have a different opinion — as stressed in my post above (two counts of "i.m.o."). I’m more than happy to «leave that to designers of particular RDTs», as usual, but I wont shut my trap just in case some might change their opinion over that. As for the condescending tone, YLSS, don’t: The role of resident BSicon douchebag is already taken. -- Tuválkin 16:48, 21 November 2014 (UTC)

Icon request: uhKRZl+lr

I need   (uKRZl+lr) in elevated for the German article of The Loop in Chicago (so no overlay). Thanks in advance for uploading this. --Metrophil44 (talk) 14:06, 27 December 2014 (UTC)

  (uhKRZl+lr). Useddenim (talk) 17:28, 27 December 2014 (UTC)
Thanks :) --Metrophil44 (talk) 14:47, 28 December 2014 (UTC)

Open cut for a parallel line

Hello, I'm looking for an open cut solution for a parallel line. I was considering either BSicon .svgBSicon lCSTRae.svg  or a trio of BSicon .svgBSicon lCSTRa@f.svg BSicon .svgBSicon lCSTR.svg  and BSicon .svgBSicon lCSTRe@g.svg  converted into the parallel line size like BSicon .svgx20px . I would consider the trio of icons to be a better solution due to the length of the cut. However, I've overlaid the icon onto my parallel line and it looked a bit odd because of the station. I don't know if there is a better solution for it. BSicon .svgx20pxBSicon vuBHF-STR.svg (vuBHF-STRlvCUT) . Thanks, J.reed (talk) 18:06, 18 March 2015 (UTC)

c + umvSTR
BSicon c.svg
c + lCSTR-R
BSicon c.svg
c + vuBHF-STR
BSicon c.svg
c + umvSTR
BSicon c.svg
There is indeed little space for such formations in case of parallel lines, better use additional icons and overlaying, like that →. If you have any problems with alignment, just link to the diagram in question. YLSS (talk) 21:22, 18 March 2015 (UTC)
lcCSTR-Ra umvSTR lcCSTR-La
lcCSTR-Re umvSTR lcCSTR-Le
Here’s a simpler way to do it (albeit with icons that I just uploaded):
Useddenim (talk) 23:22, 18 March 2015 (UTC)
Can't say that I like them, since they're only compatible with themselves, but not with other icons... And, well, I've got really used to overlaying something on top of   (d) or   (c), but yeah, that's not a newbie-friendly technique. YLSS (talk) 10:13, 19 March 2015 (UTC)
So YLSS, it took me a while, but here is what I did on both lines. Wikipedia:Template:NJTransit-Atlantic-infobox, Wikipedia:Template:PATCO Speedline J.reed (talk) 16:13, 19 March 2015 (UTC)
c + lCSTRae-R
BSicon c.svg
c + vuBHF-STR
BSicon c.svg
lCSTRae-L d
Added   (lcCSTR-Rae) and   (lcCSTR-Lae) to complete the set. Useddenim (talk) 18:25, 22 March 2015 (UTC)

New pictogram

moved from User talk:YLSS#New pictogram

Hi. Just a little problem for me, perhaps a solution by you: I need a pictogram as "Crossings with junctions" for a diagram in which an horizontal former railway line crosses a vertical former tramway one. In the corner left-down there was a tramway junction that allowed tram vehicles from the railway to enter the tramway path (for better explication see I'm afraid a specific icon in blu/red colors don't exist: can you help me? Thank in advance.--Ale Sasso (talk) 15:25, 20 March 2015 (UTC)

Hi! You know, I generally don't like such complicated mixed-colour icons, better use overlaying. (It's now possible to use up to five layers at it.wp.) Like this: BSicon .svgBSicon uexKRZ+xr.svgBSicon exSTRq.svg  uexKRZ+xr|O5=exSTRq. However, I also find such "crossing+junction" icons too cluttered, and if there is enough space, I would rather use k-crossings, BSicon .svgBSicon uexkSTR2+r.svgBSicon exSTRq.svg BSicon .svgBSicon uexmKRZ.svgBSicon uexkSTRc3.svg  uexkSTRq+r|O4=exSTRq|uexmKRZ|O5=uexkABZc3 etc. YLSS (talk) 17:31, 20 March 2015 (UTC)
Very useful, thanks you!--Ale Sasso (talk) 15:34, 21 March 2015 (UTC)

Light rail under construction over an Interstate

I can't get the right color for the Link Light Rail crossing on en:Template:Lynnwood Link Extension. Am a newcomer to this construction but think that uexhSKRZ-A is missing. -- Brianhe (talk) 02:19, 1 April 2015 (UTC)

Fixed with RAq|O1=MASKm|O2=uexhSTR, but the bridge parts of   (uhSTR) and   (uexhSTR) don't join perfectly with other elevated icons. -- Sameboat - 同舟 (talk · contri.) 03:33, 1 April 2015 (UTC)
It's still at the older name   (uexhAKRZo)... YLSS (talk) 07:09, 1 April 2015 (UTC)

Icon needed

See en:Template:Hastings Line
I'm trying to redraw the diagram for the Hastings Line article on en-Wiki to more accurately depict the situation at Robertsbridge, where the heritage railway have built a new station adjacent to the mainline station. Formerly, there was a cross-platform interchange, but this will not be used when the heritage line fully reopens in 2017. What is needed is the top half of v-STR to eliminate the stub protruding below the station when used as an overlay with lv-BHF. Mjroots (talk) 08:53, 18 May 2015 (UTC)

I've tweaked the diagram for now, but this is what I'm trying to fix. Mjroots (talk) 09:10, 18 May 2015 (UTC)
While you seem to be in need of a   (KBHFec2), I think the simplest (and most productive) solution would be BSicon .svgBSicon v-KSTRe.svgBSicon lBHFc2.svg (lBHFc2v-KSTRe) . -- Tuválkin 03:24, 19 May 2015 (UTC)


I made a new icon. It [is] basically   (hBHFCCe)  (hBHFCCe red) with wheelchair access.edited by Useddenim (talk) 19:39, 18 June 2015 (UTC)

Here are some:

  •   (htACCe)
  •   (exhtACCe)
  •   (uhtACCe)
  •   (uexhtACCe)
  •   (htACCe orange)
  •   (exhtACCe orange)

Any thoughts? γ=2πrt2 (talk|Contributions) 06:51, 18 June 2015 (UTC)

  • The “set red” you have in the <title> line is incorrect.
  • Licensing should be {{PD-shape}}, not {{cc-by-sa-4.0}}.
  • I don’t know what you’re using to edit the icons, but the svg code is two to four times larger than it should be.
  • If the icons are based on hBHFCCe, why didn’t you name them hACCCCe, etc?
Useddenim (talk) 19:39, 18 June 2015 (UTC)

Too many C's but that's just a lowsy excuse. I'll change them all now γ=2πrt2 (talk|Contributions) 01:06, 19 June 2015 (UTC)


I made these new icons:

  •   (tTINTo)
  •   (xtTINTo)
  •   (tTINTox)
  •   (xtTINTox)
  •   (utTINTo)
  •   (uxtTINTox)

Split-level interchange station above a line across underground.

γ=2πrt2 (talk|Contributions) 04:19, 3 July 2015 (UTC)

No reason for {{self|cc-by-sa-4.0}} instead of {{PD-shape}} everybody else uses; this is especially galling since you’re most obviously not creating these anew, and yet you fail to indicate the source image whence these derive from. Your software is also adding needless cruff such as <title>Layer 1</title>. -- Tuválkin 21:00, 3 July 2015 (UTC)
The id= attributes are also superfluous, and it's also using unnecessary overprecision - values like 71.899994 and 180.200012 could easily be altered to 71.9 and 180.2 without detriment. --Redrose64 (talk; at English Wikipedia) 15:47, 4 July 2015 (UTC)

"Continuation from" on embankment

DCONTge d uDCONTge d uexDCONTge
DCONTge b uDCONTge b uexDCONTge

Just uploaded two new icons   (uDCONT+f) and   (uexDCONT+f). Both convey the same concept but use different iconography to represent it. The one on the left uses the current arrangement for embankment continuations, while the one on the left is a combination of the embankment pieces and the "negative arrow" of the corresponding elevated piece:   (uhCONT+f). At larger sizes I prefer the left version, but at 20x20 I prefer the right version, although there is a bit of an optical illusion that may or may not need to be corrected. (In the right version all the "pointy ends" do line up vertically.) Thoughts? Lost on  Belmont 3200N1000W  (talk) 01:08, 8 July 2015 (UTC)

Does   (DCONT+f) look any better? Useddenim (talk) 04:00, 8 July 2015 (UTC)
At larger sizes the sudden size drop in the last of the formation pieces looks incongruous, but at 20 x 20, it looks absolutely fantastic. Anyone else have any thoughts or opinions? Lost on  Belmont 3200N1000W  (talk) 00:41, 11 July 2015 (UTC)
(The benefit of having a sister who is a professional graphic designer… Useddenim (talk) 03:45, 11 July 2015 (UTC))
Since no one has commented, I guess this will be the final version. Onward! Lost on  Belmont 3200N1000W  (talk) 00:05, 15 July 2015 (UTC)

fHST pointing to fexHST

This isn't a request for a new icon per se, but asking to fix an existing one. When using   (fHST) in templates, it displays   (fexHST) instead for some reason. I don't really know how to fix this, but I assume something somewhere is pointing to the wrong file. SegataSanshiro1 (talk) 16:21, 29 July 2015 (UTC)

Actually, it might be an icon from the "green" icon set which is displaying. In either case, it's not the right icon. SegataSanshiro1 (talk) 16:23, 29 July 2015 (UTC)

And can I also request vfSTR, vfHST-HST2 (should be two parallel minor stops) and then a Y and upside-down Y shape split to bring the parallel lines back together? I don't mind creating these myself if someone tells me the correct names for them. The last two especially I don't know what they're called or where to find the original red coloured image to create a new one from. Thanks! SegataSanshiro1 (talk) 22:22, 29 July 2015 (UTC)

  (fvSTR) already exists. With respect to the minor stops, I wasn't sure if you meant   (fvHST) or   (fvHST-HST2), as stated (which has much different geometry). And if you want two parallel minor stops you should use 2×  (fdHST). The parallel start/end icons are   (fSPLa) and   (fSPLe).
As for your display issue, I randomly selected a diagram (en:Template:Pennine Bridleway), and   (fHST) displayed correctly. I would suggest clearing/resetting your browser cache. Useddenim (talk) 22:00, 31 July 2015 (UTC)
Many thanks! Those were the icons I was looking for. Not too sure how to use the half-sized icons, but should be able to work it out with a bit of trial and error. Clearing the cache didn't work, but looked on another computer and it displays fine, so I guess I'll carry on with the knowledge that it's only my computer not displaying correctly. SegataSanshiro1 (talk) 05:54, 1 August 2015 (UTC)
To use half width icons in this sense, increase the "BS" by 1 (for instance BS2 would become BS3) and then place the two half with icons next to each other. The two half-width icons will take up the space of one normal icon so everything will line up normally above and below. Lost on  Belmont 3200N1000W  (talk) 01:20, 2 August 2015 (UTC)

The problem with   (fHST) not displaying correctly is an issue with the svg code. The colour of the icon is specified as green rather than #008000. I don't know which browser SegataSanshiro1 is using, but for a while some rendering engines were showing green as something close to #00ff00 instead of the correct #008000. Useddenim (talk) 03:19, 2 August 2015 (UTC)

That makes more sense since deleting the cache multiple times did nothing. I'm using Fireforx v39 and the browser on the other computer where it displayed correctly was a slightly older version of Firefox, so seems to be something that in the last few months with the rendering engine. Hope that helps. SegataSanshiro1 (talk) 15:13, 2 August 2015 (UTC)
Just redid the icon. Should be better now. Lost on  Belmont 3200N1000W  (talk) 16:42, 2 August 2015 (UTC)

Elevated formation icons (and others)

Hello, could someone help upload   (lhSHI2l-L),   (lhSHI2l-R),   (lhSHI2r-L),   (lhSHI2r-R),   (uhvÜSTr) (like   (uhvSTR)), half-width icon with half-width bridge border on right edge (no naming scheme exists for that yet), icons with half-width bridge border—on left edge; on right edge; and on both left and right edges—,   (lhvSHI3l--R),   (lhv-SHI3l-L),   (uSHI3g+r), an elevated formation icon for the inside corner of   (uhSHI3g+r) (or uhSHI3g+r with the left and right bridge borders removed),   (uENDEf-R), and   (uENDEf-L)? I'm currently working on converting the SL templates on w:en:List of New York City Subway terminals to BSicon diagrams (in my sandbox) and it looks like some of it's going to be quite complicated. Many thanks in advance, Jc86035 (talkcontributionsuploads) 15:19, 5 August 2015 (UTC)

Elevated stations


(Pinging Useddenim, Lost on Belmont, YLSS, AlgaeGraphix) Could someone with more SVG expertise than myself (especially in drawing curves) create uhdBHF (and lhdBHF-L and lhdBHF-R), uhvKBHF-La and uhvKBHF-Re? I'm currently trying to replace usage of   (leer+hl) etc. (see Talk:BSicon/Renaming#Elevated formation naming) on w:en:Template:BMT Brighton Line, which uses those icons for the large interchange station at the end of the map. Jc86035 (talkcontributionsuploads) 10:53, 29 September 2015 (UTC)

(Also pinging Tuválkin, Fukuokakyushu2012, Sameboat and Imperator3733, since no one I pinged has responded yet.) Jc86035 (talkcontributionsuploads) 09:09, 5 October 2015 (UTC)

There is already   (hdBHF). I can make uhdBHF and other derivatives fairly easily, but I think I will let you practice because it's no more than changing the hex color code and removing the unwanted side of the bridge in Notepad(++). The tricky bit is that bridge part for joining   (uhSTRc1) and   (uvSTR+4-) or   (udSTR+4). First I'm not sure how to name that because v/d are the kinds of icons I tend not to use. I devise the path data for the (objective) left side of bridge to be M -184,0 L 0,184 a 170.71,170.71 0 0,1 50,120.71 V 500. -- Sameboat - 同舟 (talk · contri.) 13:39, 5 October 2015 (UTC)
@Sameboat:   (hdBHF) has the formations in the wrong place, and furthermore it has become standard to curve the bridge formations at stations like   (hBHF) and   (hKBHFa). If it were easy as moving the formations and changing the hex code I would probably have done that already. Jc86035 (talkcontributionsuploads) 14:30, 5 October 2015 (UTC)
For hdBHF, there's no space for curved bridge formation at all, the circle of dBHF simply touches the edge of the 2 sides. I can make a transition icons between hBHF and hdBHF, though. But I don't think we need extra icons just for patching the sides of exceeding curved bridge formation. -- Sameboat - 同舟 (talk · contri.) 15:23, 5 October 2015 (UTC)

Request for Elevated BST

Hi, I'm missing a symbol for elevated BST (in German: Abzweigstelle auf einer Brücke) and need it for a Wikipedia article. It should look like the hDST.svg, but with smaller symbol like BST.svg. The result would be a hBST.svg. Thanks for support! --Andre de (talk) 23:12, 29 November 2015 (UTC)

✓ Done:   (hBST). Useddenim (talk) 00:35, 1 December 2015 (UTC)

Request for two tunnel to ground icons

Hello there

I need two HST (light blue small roundel) versions of existing BHF (light blue large roundel) tunnel to ground icons.

  • the first one is   (uextBHFeg), new filename uextHSTeg
  • the second one is   (uexBHFCC) (a derivate of uHSTCC), new filename uexHSTCC

Thank you in advance. --Voyager (talk) 20:10, 9 December 2015 (UTC)

✓ Done:   (uextHSTeg) and   (uexHSTCC). -- Tuválkin 21:06, 9 December 2015 (UTC)

Blue version of hTBHFo

Hi everyone, please can somebody make   (hTBHFo) with this blue (BSicon uBHF.svg) instead of the red color? I think the code are uhTBHFo. Roni Jorge Junior (MSG) 14:53, 27 January 2016 (UTC)

  (uhTBHFo). Useddenim (talk) 20:57, 27 January 2016 (UTC)
Thank you. Roni Jorge Junior (MSG) 21:15, 27 January 2016 (UTC)

Station (vuexKBHFa-exBHF)

Hello, I'm looking for a station icon like this one   (vuexKBHFa-eBHF), but with fully closed lines. I assume it should be named vuexKBHFa-exBHF. Thanks for your help. --Tachro (talk) 03:18, 20 March 2016 (UTC)

The correct name is   (exvuKBHFa-BHF). (When both of the prefixes are the same they move to before the v.) Useddenim (talk) 03:44, 20 March 2016 (UTC)
Great. Thank you.--Tachro (talk) 09:33, 20 March 2016 (UTC)


I would like to request a horizontally flipped   (dhNULl), which to the best of my knowledge would be   (dhNULr). Regards, Arsenikk (talk) 11:44, 5 June 2016 (UTC)

✓ Done. Useddenim (talk) 03:47, 6 June 2016 (UTC)

Diagonal lines

Would it be feasible to have a group of icons similar to the üw set but with 22.5° offset 26.565° (tan-10.5). maths fail. Jc86035 (talkcontributionsuploads) 05:40, 7 June 2016 (UTC) instead of 45°? (Could also work with the KRW group.) Jc86035 (talkcontributionsuploads) 03:54, 6 June 2016 (UTC)

Possible? yes; feasible? no. Consider the two examples: at 22½°, the red line, which starts at (0,0), continues across but does not reach another “standard” edge point. The same applies to the green (0,250) and blue (500,500) lines.
If—and this is a very big if—a new set of diagonal lines were to be introduced, I would have them run at 30°/60°, which at least end at standard edge points.
Furthermore, there is the naming issue: how would you name the icon with a line that starts at (0,375) at a downward 30° angle, then curves to end at (250,500) in the forward direction? Useddenim (talk) 23:31, 6 June 2016 (UTC)
For your information: The angle of 1:2 gradient is 26.565 precisely, far from 30. -- Sameboat - 同舟 (talk · contri.) 02:09, 7 June 2016 (UTC)
@Sameboat, Useddenim: 1:2 gradient was what I intended to mean in the original post. As for an icon specifically going from lower right lower left to forward, could we take the KRW root and call it KRW+le KRW+re [edited for clarity Jc86035 (talkcontributionsuploads) 11:24, 7 June 2016 (UTC)]? (We could probably avoid creating any new roots by augmenting existing STR and KRW roots with combinations of the existing a (or f), e (or g), l and r suffixes.) Jc86035 (talkcontributionsuploads) 05:40, 7 June 2016 (UTC)
For the purple line on the left panel, I may call it KRWl+4 (c.f.   (STRl+4)) and on the right pannel, KRW2+r (c.f.   (STR2+r)). -- Sameboat - 同舟 (talk · contri.) 09:05, 7 June 2016 (UTC)
@Sameboat, Useddenim: Come to think of it, starting at (0,375) would put it into the parallel lines category (since Sameboat's proposed icons start at (0,0), (0,250) and (0,500)), so the naming could also be something like KRW+r- (based on   (STR+r-). We would need a bit of clarifying in the names (yay, more suffixes?) as to if either end is diagonal (and if yes, in which of the two – or four, if we allow directional changes smaller than 90° – directions it goes in), since Category:Icons for railway descriptions/parallel lines/curve is right angles only. Jc86035 (talkcontributionsuploads) 11:24, 7 June 2016 (UTC) @Useddenim: We probably wouldn't have a curve specifically from (0,375) (diagonally) to (250,500) (straight) because that would require a curve in two directions to avoid having a corner in the line. For any line from (0,125) to (250,500), however, we could potentially end up having either or both ends as a diagonal (potentially allowing a 90° turn, but not a 63.4° turn), giving us four (or five) permutations. Jc86035 (talkcontributionsuploads) 12:03, 7 June 2016 (UTC)
Also, how would you differentiate between a line starting at (0,0) and running towards (500,250) vs. one starting at (0,0) and running towards (250,500)? Useddenim (talk) 15:24, 7 June 2016 (UTC)
For (0,0) to (250,500) I may call it SHI4+4 for connecting with   (SHI4+lq) (Category:Icons for railway descriptions/shift/four quarters), add suffix q if you want, even though I do not think it is necessary. Corners follow the same rule: KRW for flatter slope (1:2); SHI4 for steeper slope (2:1). -- Sameboat - 同舟 (talk · contri.) 00:19, 8 June 2016 (UTC)

exHUB series

I've used   (exHUBaq) and   (exHUBeq) in several diagrams (and uploaded   (exHUBq),   (HUBxaq) and   (HUBxeq)). (The first two were originally uploaded by Туча.) Is it necessary to have an exHUB group (given that it introduces a certain level of complexity for the junction icons, and the difference isn't very visible at 20px anyway)? Jc86035 (talkcontributionsuploads) 11:46, 15 June 2016 (UTC)

Would be helpful if the stroke-dasharray is greater, the existent ones are just too exquisite. -- Sameboat - 同舟 (talk · contri.) 11:52, 15 June 2016 (UTC)

45° parallel CONT

(pinging Useddenim, Sameboat, Lost on Belmont) Could someone help me make a   (uextvCONT4) but with the arrowheads of   (utvCONTfge)? Thanks, Jc86035 (talkcontributionsuploads) 04:39, 14 August 2016 (UTC)

Slightly digress:   (CONTge) is barely legible, but something has to be done to improve t-ge/fa or alike e.g.   (tCONTge). -- Sameboat - 同舟 (talk · contri.) 03:44, 15 August 2016 (UTC)

Wye parts

I need the southern section of   (WYE23) only. I need it to overlay onto   (fABZ23). It's a Wye with two parts converted into a rail trail. Alternatively, this wye   (xWYE1+rf) in the orientation of WYE23. J.reed (talk) 22:03, 18 August 2016 (UTC)

  (STR23). Useddenim (talk) 00:16, 19 August 2016 (UTC)
Thanks a lot, I'm a terrible person for not being able to find that or figure out its naming!! J.reed (talk) 13:21, 19 August 2016 (UTC)

Transfer station, elevated

Is there currently a way to make   (uBHF-L) and   (uBHF-R) elevated so all lines above and below are also elevated? J.reed (talk) 16:46, 21 August 2016 (UTC)

BSicon .svgBSicon uhBHF.svgBSicon uBHF-L.svgBSicon lhKRZh(l)(g).svgBSicon lhKRZh(l)(f).svg (lhKRZc2lhKRZc1uBHF-LuhBHF) BSicon .svgBSicon uhBHF.svgBSicon uBHF-R.svgBSicon lhKRZh(r)(f).svgBSicon lhKRZh(r)(g).svg (lhKRZc4lhKRZc3uBHF-RuhBHF) . (Overlays listed from top to bottom.) Useddenim (talk) 19:34, 21 August 2016 (UTC)

uxmABZrg tunnel version

Hi, I need an all tunnel version of   (uxmABZrg), so uxmtABZrg. Could anyone create that? Thank you, -- Metrophil (talk) 15:00, 22 August 2016 (UTC)

Oh, and for   (uxmABZrf) too. Regards, -- Metrophil (talk) 15:07, 22 August 2016 (UTC)
Overlays: BSicon .svgBSicon uextSTR.svgBSicon tSTR+l.svg (tSTRrguextSTR)  & BSicon .svgBSicon uextSTR.svgBSicon tSTRr.svg (tSTRrfuextSTR) . Useddenim (talk) 22:01, 22 August 2016 (UTC)
We do not use overlay on German Wikipedia. -- Metrophil (talk) 07:24, 23 August 2016 (UTC)
@Metrophil:   (uxmtABZrg),   (uxmtABZrf). Jc86035 (talkcontributionsuploads) 11:57, 23 August 2016 (UTC)
@Jc86035: Thank you very much :) -- Metrophil (talk) 12:22, 23 August 2016 (UTC)
No problem. Jc86035 (talkcontributionsuploads) 12:23, 23 August 2016 (UTC)

Weird new icons

ODICl ODICr lavender
  (ODICr lavender)
ODICl saffron uODICr ODICl violet ODICr green
exlGRZaq + BHF saffron
BSicon exlGRZaq.svg
exlGRZeq + uBHF
BSicon exlGRZeq.svg
exlGRZaq + BHF violet
BSicon exlGRZaq.svg
exlGRZeq + BHF green
BSicon exlGRZeq.svg

@Useddenim, Sameboat, Ilyanel: Could these new ODIC icons be replaced by the   (BL)-series icons? The lines aren't particularly visible at normal size (especially with the default grey background). Jc86035 (talk) Use {{ping|Jc86035}}
to reply to me
13:31, 18 September 2016 (UTC)

I certainly agree with your suggestion, but WP:RU seems to get very defensive about eliminating icons that they have created. And there is the   (exlGRZ) and   (WGRZ) set of icons. Useddenim (talk) 14:47, 18 September 2016 (UTC)
The creator of these icons is likely referencing the updated official metro diagram for denoting out-of-station interchange for the new Line 14 (outer red circle) via street level (the other interchanges for Line 14 which use HUB icons in RDT are also OSI but they're within the same transport hub with the traditional metro stations), so I don't think the Russian Wikipedians would be too kind of taking your suggestion. -- Sameboat - 同舟 (talk · contri.) 23:54, 18 September 2016 (UTC)

Former siding icon required

I'm after an icon to depict a former siding on an existing horizontal piece of track. The siding needs to go above the track, with the points on the left side, and a buffer stop on the right. Imagine   (ePSLl) rotated anti-clockwise 90 degrees, but with a buffer stop on the right rather than rejoining the main line. To put it in context, it's to add to en:template:Talyllyn Railway RDT, to show the main line siding below Tywyn Wharf. I've no idea what it should be called. Optimist on the run (talk) 11:14, 27 October 2016 (UTC)

{{BS4|-CONTgq|-STRq|O2=l-BHF|e-SHI2glq|-CONTfq|O4=lENDE@Gq-||{{BSto|{{rws|Tywyn}}|[[Cambrian Line]] to {{rws|Pwllheli}} & {{rws|Shrewsbury}}}} }} Useddenim (talk) 16:54, 27 October 2016 (UTC)

-STRq + l-BHF
BSicon -STRq.svg
-CONTfq + lENDE@Gq-
BSicon -CONTfq.svg
Cambrian Line to Pwllheli & Shrewsbury
Looks good - thanks. Optimist on the run (talk) 09:18, 28 October 2016 (UTC)

BHF+BUE is poor as it doesn't distinguish where the level crossing is so it is not I note

Can someone codify a symbol for HST minor station and similar for BST with a small level crossing x immediately after it and one for before it, otherwise we have two symbols to use one after the other which seems overkill. An attempt has been made with BHF+BUE but is so counterintuitive as one X on top of a station it has obviously been rightfully omitted from the Template:Railway line legend. A small station can appear at top of an icon and X below, there is poor logic showing an x elsewhere otherwise and such an icon would help with station identification (and improvements should the level crossing find the funds to be replaced)- Adam37 Talk 17:31, 14 May 2016 (UTC)

  • User:Adam37 refers to the icon   (BHF+BUE). Discussion is more fruitful when the subject is available. -- Tuválkin 00:40, 16 May 2016 (UTC)
  • I like the bit where he says «obviously been rightfully omitted from the Template:Railway line legend». Yeah, a mere glimpse at the editing history of that template shows that much thought was put into its elaboration, unlike the way BSicons are created, which is haphazard and careless with no discussion put into it at all. (Oh, wait!) -- Tuválkin 00:47, 16 May 2016 (UTC)
    • Yes I think many people tend to railroad their ideas in this area. And roads too. It's fallen into somewhat of a regressive dogmatic clique too as a result.Adam37 (talk) 20:24, 16 May 2016 (UTC)
Woo, are you good at SVG as you are keen on attempted irony and buzzwords? Then maybe you want to create the icon you need yourself and then let’s discuss it? -- Tuválkin 00:33, 17 May 2016 (UTC)
  • Why does this template even exist on Commons? It is a copy of the en:WP version, but RDTs don't belong here (except diagram segments on talk pages). Useddenim (talk) 02:00, 5 December 2016 (UTC)
@Useddenim: For the diagrams on talk pages, I suppose. It would be more helpful with translations, obviously, or links to the versions in other languages; but it's not exactly a pressing matter. Jc86035 (talk) Use {{ping|Jc86035}}
to reply to me
11:35, 5 December 2016 (UTC)

Petrol station icons

Should   (petrol-station) be replaced with the newer   (PET)? Jc86035 (talk) Use {{re|Jc86035}}
to reply to me
09:03, 2 January 2017 (UTC)

  1. The smaller   (petrol-station) looks better on diagrams;
  2. The newer   (PET) appears to just be a mirror image of the original version of petrol-station. (But I have no objection to moving the old icon onto the new name.) Useddenim (talk) 15:01, 4 January 2017 (UTC)
Nominated the latter for deletion. Jc86035 (talk) Use {{re|Jc86035}}
to reply to me
10:55, 19 February 2017 (UTC)

6-column shifts

Moved from Category talk:Icons for railway descriptions#new icons

jABZg2 jSTR2c djSTRc3 STR
a shift by 750px
STR djSTRc1 jSTR+4c jABZg+4
in both direktions
jSTR2 djSTRc3 BSicon .svg BSicon .svg
"j" instead of "k" ...
BSicon .svg djSTRc1 jSTR+4 BSicon .svg
quite smooth, isn't it? a×pdeHello! 17:26, 7 May 2017 (UTC)
Good idea, poor execution. However, they should be named:
current new
  (jSTR+1) SHI6+l   (SHI3+l)
  (jSTR2) SHI6l   (SHI3l)
  (jSTR3) SHI6r   (SHI3r)
  (jSTR+4) SHI6+r   (SHI3+r)
  (jSTR+1c) SHI6+l+c4   (STR+c4)
  (jSTR2c) SHI6l+c3   (STR+c3)
  (jSTR3c) SHI6r+c2   (STR+c2)
  (jSTR+4c) SHI6+r+c1   (STR+c1)
current new
  (djSTRc1) dSHI6c1   (dSHI4c1)
  (djSTRc2) dSHI6c2   (dSHI4c2)
  (djSTRc3) dSHI6c3   (dSHI4c3)
  (djSTRc4) dSHI6c4   (dSHI4c4)
  (jABZg+1) SHI6g+l   (SHI2g+l)
  (jABZg2) SHI6gl   (SHI2gl)
  (jABZg3) SHI6gr   (SHI2gr)
  (jABZg+4) SHI6g+r   (SHI2g+r)
And where did the j prefix come from? Useddenim (talk) 20:32, 7 May 2017 (UTC)
In any event, you can't use them at de:WP because they aren't approved in der Bilderkatalog! Useddenim (talk) 20:40, 7 May 2017 (UTC)
I don't think these should use the SHI root, since the shift is over two rows. However, c should definitely be before the corner numbers and the j prefix before the d prefix. Jc86035 (talk) Use {{re|Jc86035}}
to reply to me
08:45, 8 May 2017 (UTC)
@Useddenim: If you remember this discussion, you could do this in a more standard way with   (jSTR2) +   (djSTRc3)c + jjvSTR2- + jcSTRc3q (with double j, or other letter prefix, indicating a curve of 71.6°). Jc86035 (talk) Use {{re|Jc86035}}
to reply to me
08:40, 12 August 2017 (UTC)

Some elevated icons

Hi guys,
I need some additional elevated icons for an article, specificly exhÜSTl, exhÜSTr und uexhWECHSEL. Thanks in advance, MGChecker (talk) 05:45, 8 September 2017 (UTC)

  • @MGChecker: here’s   (uexhWECHSEL). -- Tuválkin 13:55, 8 September 2017 (UTC)
    • @Tuvalkin: I'm working on the elevated ÜST shape (does it need a mask?). Is your WECHSEL stroke-width correct?   (WECHSEL) has 40px but   (uexhWECHSEL) has 50px (and no dasharray?).   (GRZq) has a different stroke-dasharray as well but this is probably deliberate. Jc86035 (talk) 14:49, 8 September 2017 (UTC)
      • @Jc86035: I confess I just added the railings to   (uexWECHSEL); feel free to homogenize. As for ÜSTs, go ahead, I’m not working on them. -- Tuválkin 12:05, 9 September 2017 (UTC)
  • @MGChecker: I've uploaded   (exhÜSTl) and   (exhÜSTr). Jc86035 (talk) 09:42, 10 September 2017 (UTC)


@Useddenim: What does the "f" in   (lINTf4) mean? Jc86035 (talk) 10:23, 8 September 2017 (UTC)

moved forwards toward, as in   (lCONT4f). (I think there are other examples, but I can't locate them right now.) Useddenim (talk) 00:32, 9 September 2017 (UTC)
@Useddenim: then   (lCONT4f) etc. should be renamed lCONTf4 (or lCONT4+2), since they're not derived from   (CONT4) etc.. Jc86035 (talk) 03:37, 9 September 2017 (UTC)
Don’t over-think it. Useddenim (talk) 04:08, 9 September 2017 (UTC) Correct. Useddenim (talk) 12:08, 10 September 2017 (UTC)
@Useddenim: ✓ Done. See also   (ENDE4f) (named correctly). Jc86035 (talk) 13:59, 10 September 2017 (UTC)
Aha! I knew there were others. The confusion arises because f/fq = ↓/→ for most icons, but the direction of the arrow takes precedence for CONT icons. (Except for ones coming from corners, where it was decided that the + could be omitted, merely implied.) Useddenim (talk) 21:39, 10 September 2017 (UTC)


Would create icon   (lvINT-R-) in en:Template:Koya_Line. Rowan03 (talk) 12:37, 17 September 2017 (UTC)

✓ Done. Useddenim (talk) 18:59, 17 September 2017 (UTC)

uexhSTR+hc3 and uexhSTR2+4a

Would create icons   (uexhSTR+hc3) and   (uexhSTR2+4a) in en:Template:Green_Line_Extension. Rowan03 (talk) 20:21, 17 September 2017 (UTC)

@Rowan03: ✓ Done Jc86035 (talk) 16:21, 18 September 2017 (UTC)


Would create icon   (hABZ23) in en:Template:Keddie_Wye. Rowan03 (talk) 22:53, 20 September 2017 (UTC)

kvMSTRc2, uhtvSTRagq, kvMSTR-c4, uhtvSTRef, uhvSTRc3, uhvSTR+4, uhvSTR2, uhvSTRc1, utvSTR+4a

Would create icons   (kvMSTRc2),   (uhtvSTRagq),   (kvMSTR-c4),   (uhtvSTRef),   (uhvSTRc3),   (uhvSTR+4),   (uhvSTR2),   (uhvSTRc1),   (utvSTR+4a) similar to   (utvSTR+1a) but to corner 4 instead of corner 1 and   (utvSTRagq) respectively in pt:Predefinição:MLmapa/CG. Rowan03 (talk) 22:07, 20 September 2017 (UTC)

@Useddenim: Is it fine if the +G/+F suffixes are used for the parallel lines? There is no other way they could be named without being ambiguous (the icons need formations on three sides to keep the geometry, and with a changed geometry to fit, the inner formation curve would probably be two straight lines). Jc86035 (talk) 15:49, 21 September 2017 (UTC)

MSHI2r and MSHI2c2

Would create icons   (MSHI2r) and   (MSHI2c2) in conjunction with   (hSHI2r) and   (hSHI2c2) in en:Template:Sincan–Kayaş_commuter_line. Rowan03 (talk) 13:32, 23 September 2017 (UTC)

@Rowan03:   (lhv-MSHI2r) already exists, so I have used that instead in the diagram. Jc86035 (talk) 13:44, 23 September 2017 (UTC)
  (MSHI2r)  (exhSHI2r)  (lhv-MSHI2r) Its only difference is 125px away. Rowan03 (talk) 14:01, 23 September 2017 (UTC)
@Rowan03: They share the same curve geometry, so there is no visual difference.   (SHI1l) +   (c) =   (c) +   (SHI1+r). Make the new ones yourself if you really want but I'm already busy right now. Jc86035 (talk) 14:08, 23 September 2017 (UTC)


Would create icon   (tSTR3+1eg) similar to   (tSTR+1eg) in en:Template:Sincan–Kayaş_commuter_line. Rowan03 (talk) 14:25, 23 September 2017 (UTC)

@Rowan03: ✓ Done Jc86035 (talk) 15:04, 23 September 2017 (UTC)


Would create icon   (uhtHST+1eg) similar to   (utSTR+1eg),   (uhtSTR+1e), and   (uHST+1) in en:Template:IRT_New_Lots_Line. Rowan03 (talk) 15:56, 23 September 2017 (UTC)

Shift junctions

@Useddenim, Tuvalkin: How would we name BSicon .svgBSicon STR+1.svgBSicon KRW+r.svg (KRW+rSTR+1) or BSicon .svgBSicon STR+l.svgBSicon BS2+r.svg (BS2+rSTRrg) ? These could be needed for elevated junctions. Jc86035 (talk) Use {{re|Jc86035}}
to reply to me
16:22, 4 March 2017 (UTC)

  • BSicon .svgBSicon STR+l.svgBSicon BS2+r.svg (ABZf+4hl)  (cf.   (ABZf+4l).
  • BSicon .svgBSicon STR+1.svgBSicon KRW+r.svg (KRW+r1)  is the best I can come up with for this; normally numbers come before letters, but it’s difficult to differentiate between lr (Lr) and 1r (one-r). Useddenim (talk) 17:51, 4 March 2017 (UTC)
    • @Useddenim: Would it be possible to name BSicon .svgBSicon STRl.svgBSicon KRWr.svg (KRWrSTRlf) or BSicon .svgBSicon vSTR+l-.svgBSicon vSHI3+r-.svg (vSHI3+r-vSTR+l-) ? I've thought about using the A prefix, but it would probably be best to either stick them together with a plus sign or use another character between the suffixes (e.g. AKRWr;l or something). Jc86035 (talk) Use {{re|Jc86035}}
      to reply to me
      05:02, 5 March 2017 (UTC)
  • I would say that + is always possible, even if often there are better names. Therefore:
    • BSicon .svgBSicon STR+1.svgBSicon KRW+r.svg (KRW+r+STR+1)
    • BSicon .svgBSicon STR+l.svgBSicon BS2+r.svg (BS2+r+STRrg)
-- Tuválkin 15:49, 18 April 2017 (UTC)

@Useddenim, Tuvalkin: See also   (STRr+SHI1l),   (exv-STRr+SHI1+l),   (v-ABZ+la). Jc86035 (talk) Use {{re|Jc86035}}
to reply to me
04:21, 18 April 2017 (UTC)

  • The first two above use +, as I suggested above. As for   (v-ABZ+la) — what’s wrong with it? -- Tuválkin 15:49, 18 April 2017 (UTC)
    • @Tuvalkin: For the latter icon, it wasn't particularly clear to me what the name actually means; it might make more sense as v-ABZa+l. I'm not really very familiar with the pre-SHI variety of shift junctions, and names like   (vABZr+r-ÜSTle),   (vSTRa-STRl) and   (uvSTRelf) just seem rather odd (relative to the usual icons). Jc86035 (talk) Use {{re|Jc86035}}
      to reply to me
      16:02, 18 April 2017 (UTC)

@Tuvalkin, Useddenim: if   (vSTRag+l) would be correctly named SPLag+l (based on vSTRa → SPLa), then would   (v-ABZ+la) be SHI1lg+l (and thus BSicon .svgBSicon STR+1.svgBSicon KRW+r.svg  SHI4+rg+1, BSicon .svgBSicon uvSTRelf.svg  uvSTRlgf, BSicon .svgBSicon ABZ2+4gf.svg  ABZ2+4gf+g)? Jc86035 (talk) 10:06, 24 September 2017 (UTC)


Would create icon   (tv-STR+1eg) similar to   (tSTR+1eg) in en:Template:Severn_Tunnel_junction_RDT. Rowan03 (talk) 15:32, 23 September 2017 (UTC)

  • @Rowan03: Like this:   (tv-STR+1eg)? -- Tuválkin 01:01, 24 September 2017 (UTC)
    • @Tuvalkin: No, that's   (tvSTR+1-Le). In the linked diagram it would be better to use tSTR3+lef, which I'm working on. Jc86035 (talk) 06:33, 24 September 2017 (UTC)
    • @Rowan03: I have updated the diagram to use   (tSTR3+lef). The reason I didn't use tv-STR+1eg instead is that the portal would have had to be moved downwards to fit inside the border. If you think   (tv-STR+1e) looks better you can change the diagram to use that icon instead. Jc86035 (talk) 15:40, 28 September 2017 (UTC)


Would create icon   (kKRZ3+lu) similar to   (ekKRZ3+lu) in en:Template:Cross_River_Rail. Rowan03 (talk) 22:13, 29 September 2017 (UTC)

@Rowan03: ✓ Done, as well as others in the group (256 including mixed icons). Jc86035 (talk) 10:17, 30 September 2017 (UTC)


Would create icon   (uexkkSTRr+1) in en:Template:Gd-Ol-Tw-Map. Rowan03 (talk) 22:32, 20 September 2017 (UTC)

 Not done. This is an invalid icon name. Useddenim (talk) 00:11, 21 September 2017 (UTC)
@Useddenim: no, it's valid (uex version of   (kkSTR2) rotated 90° anticlockwise). I would have uploaded a complete set but I haven't had time to work out a geometry which uses two perfect circular arcs for the kkSTR (formerly kAB) icons. Jc86035 (talk) 15:36, 21 September 2017 (UTC)
@Xeror: ✓ Done, as well as others in the set. Jc86035 (talk) 04:19, 7 October 2017 (UTC)


Would create icon   (MKBHFa) in conjunction with   (exhKBHFa) in en:Template:Railways_on_the_Isle_of_Wight. Rowan03 (talk) 13:19, 23 September 2017 (UTC)

@Rowan03: I've made   (MKBHFa) as well as   (lhMKBHFa) (+ rotations, HST variations). Jc86035 (talk) 06:20, 7 October 2017 (UTC)


I’m looking for an icon I’d expect to be named   (exKRZxl+r), i.e.   (KRZl+r) with all but the lower-left curve disused. Am I missing something or is it indeed missing? (Icon should replace the   (exKRZ+r) at w:de:Bahnstrecke Weinheim–Worms) --Nenntmichruhigip (talk) 12:48, 9 October 207 (UTC)

@Nenntmichruhigip: I've uploaded it. Useddenim, did I get the geometry right? Jc86035 (talk) 13:48, 9 October 2017 (UTC)
exKRZxl+r with & without extra triangle beside crossing
@Jc86035: I've uploaded a new version that has equal-sized white triangles on each side of the crossing. Useddenim (talk) 01:13, 10 October 2017 (UTC)
@Useddenim: As previously, I don't think the line width should change abruptly halfway through (especially here, since the difference is larger than in other crossings). Has there been any actual consensus for crossing+junction geometry? I assumed the geometry would be separately considered for open and closed parts e.g.   (xKRZl), except for icons like   (KRZxlr+rxl)? Jc86035 (talk) 02:03, 10 October 2017 (UTC)
@Jc86035, Axpde: The original version is geometrically correct, but at 20px crowded icons—such as this one—benefit from hinting, the same as fonts. Useddenim (talk) 18:12, 10 October 2017 (UTC)
We have exact rules for each track style. I see no sense at all to massacre the BSicons just to see "white triangles"! a×pdeHello! 20:10, 10 October 2017 (UTC)
Ah yes, the perennial German "We must follow the rules" regardless. Well, I say break the rules because “rules are mostly made to be broken”. Useddenim (talk) 00:21, 11 October 2017 (UTC)


Would create icon   (ukABZl+34) to similar to   (kABZl+34) in en:Hambuk Line. Rowan03 (talk) 17:27, 15 October 2017 (UTC)

v-BRIDGEc1e and vBRIDGEc3a-

Would create icon   (v-BRIDGEc1e) and   (vBRIDGEc3a-) similar to   (dBRIDGEc1e) and   (dBRIDGEc3a) respectively in en:South Eastern main line diagram. Rowan03 (talk) 17:34, 15 October 2017 (UTC)

kRP4c3, kRP4s+4, kRP42+w, kRP4-c1

Would create icons   (kRP4c3),   (kRP4s+4),   (kRP42+w) and   (kRP4-c1), similar to   (RP4c3),   (RP4s+4),   (RP42+w) and   (RP4c1) respectively in en:Template:Cross_River_Rail. Rowan03 (talk) 00:15, 21 October 2017 (UTC)

bend junction with crossing on the end

I need   (exABZ2l) with the red tip of   (xSTR2). --Nenntmichruhigip (talk) 11:11, 31 October 2017 (UTC)

BSicon .svgBSicon exABZ2l.svgBSicon STRc2.svg (STRc2exABZ2l) . Useddenim (talk) 01:18, 1 November 2017 (UTC)
Exatcly. There’s no such overlap template on dewiki though, so I need an actual icon :-) --Nenntmichruhigip (talk) 20:07, 1 November 2017 (UTC)
I am sorry, but I can't – it will not be approved by der Bildercatalog. You will have to fix de:BS-map instead of creating an icon that will be used only once. Useddenim (talk) 03:36, 3 November 2017 (UTC)
@Nenntmichruhigip: The {{Routemap}} documentation and the six legend templates have been mostly translated into German on dewikivoyage, for what it's worth. Would it be so difficult to ask an admin to import a few templates and two modules (Routemap and Color contrast)? Jc86035 (talk) 07:33, 4 November 2017 (UTC)
Iirc it’s not wanted on dewiki, so yes, it would be difficult to ask for such an import. Maybe I’ll just name it   (STRc2 ※ exABZ2l) or something. --Nenntmichruhigip (talk) 14:12, 6 November 2017 (UTC)
The name should be   (exABZ2l+STRc2), in that case. -- Tuválkin 23:28, 10 November 2017 (UTC)

uSKRZ-G4h2+4, SKRZ-G4h2+4, and an icon for unknown name.

would create icons for like this?

  •   (uSKRZ-G4h2+4)
  •   (SKRZ-G4h2+4)
  • I don't know which name for this icon, but it mixed for   (RP4uhRP4) above the   (STR2+4) (STR2+4 under the bridge).

respectively in w:zh-yue:獵德大橋南站. --PQ77wd (talk) 08:43, 2 December 2017 (UTC)

✓ Done, as requested. BSicon .svgBSicon RP4uhRP4.svgBSicon SKRZ-G4hq2+4.svg (RP4uhRP4 !~ SKRZ-G4hq2+4)  Useddenim (talk) 17:54, 2 December 2017 (UTC)
@Useddenim, PQ77wd: The Cantonese Wikipedia doesn't have {{Routemap}} yet; should I ask for it to be imported? Jc86035 (talk) 03:30, 3 December 2017 (UTC)
{{Routemap}} just not existed in Cantonese Wikipedia. However, I co-opte the Japanese Wikipedia for using template like {{Railway line header}}, {{UKrail-header}} and an army of {{BS}}* series. {{Routemap}} this template can be created for a new one.--PQ77wd (talk) 04:08, 3 December 2017 (UTC)
@PQ77wd: "this template can be created for a new one" 的意思是什麼? Jc86035 (talk) 04:21, 3 December 2017 (UTC)
@Jc86035: 即係話可以新開個噉解囉。--PQ77wd (talk) 04:24, 3 December 2017 (UTC)