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Page need updating to reflect correct icon names[edit]

On BSicon/Catalogue/formations,   (lhvSTR-Rq) &   (lhvSTR-Lq) should be changed to the correct names   (lhvSTR(r)q) &   (lhvSTR(l)q) (I don't know how to change it on that page). -- ThylacineHunter (talk) 09:55, 2 May 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Also need to change   (vBRIDGEv) to it's correct name   (lvMKRZvo). -- ThylacineHunter (talk) 10:00, 2 May 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Right icon names needed[edit]

I created   (utKRZ3tul+4) and k versions of   (uKRZ3ukl+4) &   (utKRZ3tukl+4). I based what I think the name would be on   (KRZ3ul+4), but I am absolutely not sure as it's getting a little confusing. Would someone be able to confirm/fix the files with the right naming convention?  - oahiyeel talk 13:10, 8 May 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

@Oahiyeel: They are named correctly. Also, the convention has been to use a ! suffix to indicate that an icon is experimental. Useddenim (talk) 17:57, 9 May 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
I see, thanks!  - oahiyeel talk 05:18, 10 May 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

"e" and "x" prefixes for double-width forks[edit]

I'm looking at   (bSHI2rxl)/  (ubSHI2rxl),   (bSHI2lxr)/  (ubSHI2lxr),   (bbSHI2+rxl)/  (ubSHI2+rxl) and   (bbSHI2+lxr)/  (ubSHI2+lxr), and I'm wondering why those shouldn't be named with the "e" and "x" prefixes for   (bSHI2lr) and   (bSHI2+lr), considering that   (exbSHI2lr) and   (exbSHI2+lr) are valid (along with their "u" versions). Am I completely off base here that those would be far more intuitive names? Is there some hidden reason behind   (ubSHI2lxr) and   (ubSHI2rxl) for a single out-of use track instead of   (uebSHI2lr) and   (uxbSHI2lr) when   (uexbSHI2lr) for both tracks being out of use is valid? VanIsaac ( 21:07, 14 May 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

@Vanisaac: x indicates the primary route is out of use, and e indicates the secondary route is out of use. For the bSHI2 icons, because the branches mirror each other they are considered equal and there is no primary and secondary route. ex is valid because everything is out of use. Useddenim (talk) 21:55, 14 May 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
That is not followed by the through and 90° curve icons, double curves, shift and curve, etc. which pretty clearly indicate the "e" prefix for the right line and "x" for the left:
  e x ex t et xt ext u ue ux uex ut uet uxt uext
vSTRr-STR vSTRr-STR evSTRr-STR xvSTRr-STR exvSTRr-STR tvSTRr-STR etvSTRr-STR xtvSTRr-STR extvSTRr-STR uvSTRr-STR uevSTRr-STR uxvSTRr-STR uexvSTRr-STR utvSTRr-STR uetvSTRr-STR uxtvSTRr-STR uextvSTRr-STR to right – straight
vSTR+r-STR vSTR+r-STR evSTR+r-STR xvSTR+r-STR exvSTR+r-STR tvSTR+r-STR etvSTR+r-STR xtvSTR+r-STR extvSTR+r-STR uvSTR+r-STR uevSTR+r-STR uxvSTR+r-STR uexvSTR+r-STR utvSTR+r-STR uetvSTR+r-STR uxtvSTR+r-STR uextvSTR+r-STR from right – straight
vSTR-STRl vSTR-STRl evSTR-STRl xvSTR-STRl exvSTR-STRl tvSTR-STRl etvSTR-STRl xtvSTR-STRl extvSTR-STRl uvSTR-STRl uevSTR-STRl uxvSTR-STRl uexvSTR-STRl utvSTR-STRl uetvSTR-STRl uxtvSTR-STRl uextvSTR-STRl straight – to left
vSTR-STR+l vSTR-STR+l evSTR-STR+l xvSTR-STR+l exvSTR-STR+l tvSTR-STR+l etvSTR-STR+l xtvSTR-STR+l extvSTR-STR+l uvSTR-STR+l uevSTR-STR+l uxvSTR-STR+l uexvSTR-STR+l utvSTR-STR+l uetvSTR-STR+l uxtvSTR-STR+l uextvSTR-STR+l straight – from left
Double curves
vSTR+r vSTR+r evSTR+r xvSTR+r exvSTR+r tvSTR+r etvSTR+r xtvSTR+r extvSTR+r uvSTR+r uevSTR+r uxvSTR+r uexvSTR+r utvSTR+r uetvSTR+r uxtvSTR+r uextvSTR+r from right both
vSTRl vSTRl evSTRl xvSTRl exvSTRl tvSTRl etvSTRl xtvSTRl extvSTRl uvSTRl uevSTRl uxvSTRl uexvSTRl utvSTRl uetvSTRl uxtvSTRl uextvSTRl to left both
vSTR+l vSTR+l evSTR+l xvSTR+l exvSTR+l tvSTR+l etvSTR+l xtvSTR+l extvSTR+l uvSTR+l uevSTR+l uxvSTR+l uexvSTR+l utvSTR+l uetvSTR+l uxtvSTR+l uextvSTR+l from left both
Shift and curve
vSTRr-SHI1r vSTRr-SHI1r evSTRr-SHI1r xvSTRr-SHI1r exvSTRr-SHI1r tvSTRr-SHI1r etvSTRr-SHI1r xtvSTRr-SHI1r extvSTRr-SHI1r uvSTRr-SHI1r uevSTRr-SHI1r uxvSTRr-SHI1r uexvSTRr-SHI1r utvSTRr-SHI1r uetvSTRr-SHI1r uxtvSTRr-SHI1r uextvSTRr-SHI1r turn to right – shift to right
vSTR+r-SHI1+r vSTR+r-SHI1+r evSTR+r-SHI1+r xvSTR+r-SHI1+r exvSTR+r-SHI1+r tvSTR+r-SHI1+r etvSTR+r-SHI1+r xtvSTR+r-SHI1+r extvSTR+r-SHI1+r uvSTR+r-SHI1+r uevSTR+r-SHI1+r uxvSTR+r-SHI1+r uexvSTR+r-SHI1+r utvSTR+r-SHI1+r uetvSTR+r-SHI1+r uxtvSTR+r-SHI1+r uextvSTR+r-SHI1+r turn from right – shift from right
vSHI1l-STRl vSHI1l-STRl evSHI1l-STRl xvSHI1l-STRl exvSHI1l-STRl tvSHI1l-STRl etvSHI1l-STRl xtvSHI1l-STRl extvSHI1l-STRl uvSHI1l-STRl uevSHI1l-STRl uxvSHI1l-STRl uexvSHI1l-STRl utvSHI1l-STRl uetvSHI1l-STRl uxtvSHI1l-STRl uextvSHI1l-STRl shift to left – turn to left
vSHI1+l-STR+l vSHI1+l-STR+l evSHI1+l-STR+l xvSHI1+l-STR+l exvSHI1+l-STR+l tvSHI1+l-STR+l etvSHI1+l-STR+l xtvSHI1+l-STR+l extvSHI1+l-STR+l uvSHI1+l-STR+l uevSHI1+l-STR+l uxvSHI1+l-STR+l uexvSHI1+l-STR+l utvSHI1+l-STR+l uetvSHI1+l-STR+l uxtvSHI1+l-STR+l uextvSHI1+l-STR+l shift from left – turn from left
mvSTRr-SHI1r mvSTRr-SHI1r emvSTRr-SHI1r xmvSTRr-SHI1r exmvSTRr-SHI1r tmvSTRr-SHI1r etmvSTRr-SHI1r xtmvSTRr-SHI1r extmvSTRr-SHI1r umvSTRr-SHI1r uemvSTRr-SHI1r uxmvSTRr-SHI1r uexmvSTRr-SHI1r utmvSTRr-SHI1r uetmvSTRr-SHI1r uxtmvSTRr-SHI1r uextmvSTRr-SHI1r turn to right – shift to right
mvSTR+r-SHI1+r mvSTR+r-SHI1+r emvSTR+r-SHI1+r xmvSTR+r-SHI1+r exmvSTR+r-SHI1+r tmvSTR+r-SHI1+r etmvSTR+r-SHI1+r xtmvSTR+r-SHI1+r extmvSTR+r-SHI1+r umvSTR+r-SHI1+r uemvSTR+r-SHI1+r uxmvSTR+r-SHI1+r uexmvSTR+r-SHI1+r utmvSTR+r-SHI1+r uetmvSTR+r-SHI1+r uxtmvSTR+r-SHI1+r uextmvSTR+r-SHI1+r turn from right – shift from right
mvSHI1l-STRl mvSHI1l-STRl emvSHI1l-STRl xmvSHI1l-STRl exmvSHI1l-STRl tmvSHI1l-STRl etmvSHI1l-STRl xtmvSHI1l-STRl extmvSHI1l-STRl umvSHI1l-STRl uemvSHI1l-STRl uxmvSHI1l-STRl uexmvSHI1l-STRl utmvSHI1l-STRl uetmvSHI1l-STRl uxtmvSHI1l-STRl uextmvSHI1l-STRl shift to left – turn to left
mvSHI1+l-STR+l mvSHI1+l-STR+l emvSHI1+l-STR+l xmvSHI1+l-STR+l exmvSHI1+l-STR+l tmvSHI1+l-STR+l etmvSHI1+l-STR+l xtmvSHI1+l-STR+l extmvSHI1+l-STR+l umvSHI1+l-STR+l uemvSHI1+l-STR+l uxmvSHI1+l-STR+l uexmvSHI1+l-STR+l utmvSHI1+l-STR+l uetmvSHI1+l-STR+l uxtmvSHI1+l-STR+l uextmvSHI1+l-STR+l shift from left – turn from left
  e x ex t et xt ext u ue ux uex ut uet uxt uext
A bunch of these were named that way by you over the course of several years around a decade ago. If the "rules" for BSicon names are utilitarian, and not simply rules for rules' sake, then I am having a lot of trouble with why this pretty simple convention shouldn't be applied to forking icons. If it's a question of formalizing the convention, then let's do it. Formalized or not, we are already using this convention, why not do it right? VanIsaac ( 04:22, 16 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
@Vanisaac: You're trying to compare apples and oranges. The forks are single-line icons, whereas the new examples you cite are for parallel lines. And yes, I named them, following conventions that were already in place (although I never understood why the left line was considered primary and the right secondary). But by all means go ahead and draw up a formal proposal for consideration. Useddenim (talk) 08:53, 16 June 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
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