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The term "black people" is a common phrase used to describe a wide range of people. This gallery is in part here to show the range of ethnicities, locales, and individuals who are often, or always, described as black. It is not the same as "people with black skin", the category for which is also under discussion right now. we do have the category Category:Black Africans, which no one has questioned as of yet. If anyone finds this gallery inappropriate in any way, lets discuss it here first, rather than redirecting it to some other page. When i found this category, it had a small number of images, was one of our many very undeveloped galleries, and had a section structure which verged on racism: people by what degree they are considered black. while my current incarnation does make a nod to that in the section on australasian peoples, it focusses more on the very real groupings of black people: africa, the US, the rest of the African diaspora (we could have galleries for each other nation, but they would tend to be small in comparison), and the australasians of course. I tried to include featured pictures, and removed some low quality images as a result. I dont have every notable person of african descent, as some dont have very good pictures (Michael Jackson is a good example of that). I also dont want images removed without a reason other than "they arent that black", unless the article on the person shows no indication that they have any identity as part of the diaspora. Vin Diesel says he identifies as a person of color, and thus is to some degree identified as "black" in american society (that may be a judgement call, so i can understand an argument for removing him). all the images were found in the category trees of people of african descent, so they can be placed here.Mercurywoodrose (talk) 18:32, 3 November 2013 (UTC)


in honor of the Olympics, and the size of brazils african population, i am adding a section on them here, and will add more quality images. i look for quality images of iconic people, whether famous or indicative of the culture they represent. 07:11, 13 August 2016 (UTC)