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Telling version numbers from build numbers[edit]

With Chromium, some uploaders of screenshots might note the build number only, which I believe should be discouraged, given that a version number seems better and more accurately to reflect the state of development of a particular branch. The reason is that with a version number, sorting files in categories and positioning them in galleries is easier. Including a build number is nevertheless welcome.

I do not know if Chromium versions match those of Google Chrome. Maybe it's not that important either.

Getting a proper version number for a particular build is not easy, so here are some possible options that should be used in concert with one another:

The version number should then be placed on the image page or supplied on the file talk page with one or more above links as sources.

I've also supplied an as of yet incomplete table of Chromium images in my user page that feature a version number/build number or a combination of both.
-Mardus (talk) 08:22, 29 November 2012 (UTC)