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Well ... the graphics look quite interesting and maybe useful for those who already know about what is going in in there .... But for a somebody like me, who has not heard really much about DFD´s right now, it is hard to understand what the Author really means.

Especially some confusing information lead me for wrong interpretations. In my opinion, the quality of the given information would be on a higher level if 3 Points woud be changed:

1. Describe, what´s going on:

  In dont really know, where the diagrams "Start" or even where they "Stop" .. so a short example 
  snippet of code would really make it easier to understand the meaning of the graphics

2. Leave out information which is not necessary:

  For example in "while loop" ... to explain ONLY THE "while loop" any iformation about any "SWITCH"
  is just confusing the reader in the way to interpet it as "do I really need this information?". 
  Concetration upon the main information is needed .. 
  If i want to explain the "addition (+)" I dont to it as  
  "sqrt(9) - (-sqrt(16)) = + 7 " .... I would prefer " 1 + 1 = 2 " ... that´s easier

3. Another example: Dataflow iteration code

  Make a short text description about the graphic .. I guess it is really right what is written  
  there, but it is REALLY hard to understand what is going on in there .. not because i dont want to    
  think about it ... furthermore because i get more interpetation possibilites the more i think 
  about it ! 

Thank you for reading !