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Vanda sanderiana var. immaculata Golamco which was transferred to Euanthe sanderiana f. immaculata (Golamco) Cootes is an invalid name. It cannot be taken as a taxonomic variety of Vanda sanderiana or Euanthe sanderiana. It is just a horticultural variety or cultivar. This is because it does not occur naturally in nature, but a resultant of human intervention done thru selective line breeding as initiated by the Hawaiian orchid breeder way back in 1957, among which was by Nashimura (AOSB 1973). As per ruling of the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature (ICBN), it cannot be given any varietal name in Latin.

From the initial siblings of V. sanderiana var. albata, selections were done to breed out the minimal purple and brown pigmentations on the floral segments and allow homozygous albino characteristics to dominate. Thus an improved and immaculate strain of the var. albata has come about. Those plants were imported back by the Filipino orchidists from Hawaii at the time when the alba form of V. sanderiana was a sensation among local hobbyists.

The original description for the type specimen of Vanda sanderiana var. immaculata Golamco was published in the official magazine of the Philippine Orchid Society, the Waling-Waling Review (2002) Vol. 10 No. 2, pages 31-34. It was narrated that the type specimen originally came from the forest of Mindanao. Unfortunately not a single documentary photograph, other than a line drawing was provided to support the claimed. The taxonomic situation becomes misleading when photographs of some other plant or flower specimen were substituted in placed of any "actual specimen". Thus it was made to appear that a forest collected specimen is at hand. The fact remains that the forest collected specimen upon which the type description was based is fictitous. Indeed those pictures of the flowers which has accompanied the original paper were the progenies of V. sanderiana var. albata “Constance”. And that is where Golamco based his description. Somehow the critical link between what was claimed as “forest gathered” type specimen and the photographed specimen that was featured is missing.

This invesitgation is corroborated by the fact that there is actually no herbarium material deposited at the Philippine National Herbarium corresponding to “PNH Gol 200202!”.


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