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Herbert Birch Kingston Cuyahoga County Ohio US Census Forms and a Challenge[edit]

There seems to be some controversy and resistance to these US census forms being uploaded to Wikipedia and their relevance to the origins of Sweetest Day. They were previously deleted on the sly from Wikipedia without nomination or debate. There is also a concerted effort underway to keep these census forms from inclusion in the Sweetest Day gallery here at Commons.

A Google search for Herbert Birch Kingston returns well over 100,000 results. A Google image search however, returns zero results. Many websites including those of Hallmark Cards, Retail Confectioners International and American Greetings attribute the origins of Sweetest Day to the kindness of one man, candy company employee and philanthropist Herbert Birch Kingston. Virtually none of the information about the origins of Sweetest Day contained in these promotional websites is sourced in any way. Nor does it appear to be true to a great degree. Already the images contained in the Commons Sweetest Day gallery demonstrate that Sweetest Day began as a concentrated marketing promotion sponsored by the candy industry and not through the efforts of one candy company employee, even with the help of "friends and neighbors." At the same time that Sweetest Day was being promoted in Cleveland, it was also being promoted nationally by the candy industry as "Candy Day" and "Sweetest Day." Promotions were staged in New York City, Buffalo, Detroit, Chicago, Cincinatti as well as in Cleveland, Ohio.

With that in mind, a challenge is hereby extended to all Wikipedians to post any relevant information about Herbert Birch Kingston and his role in the origins of Sweetest Day either here, in the Sweetest Day gallery, or to the Sweetest Day article at Wikipedia. Timely (1921-1930) photos, editorials or news articles will qualify to meet this challenge. All information must be adequately sourced.

Thanks to Wikimedia for making this challenge possible.

Robb Thomas Miracleimpulse 22:31, 27 February 2007 (UTC)

For what it is worth, this is the correct place for these images.--Isotope23 16:00, 1 March 2007 (UTC)
What would be the correct place to post a photo of Herbert Birch Kingston? Why don't you post one Isotope23? Miracleimpulse 17:16, 1 March 2007 (UTC)