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Picture of the day
1635 Blaeu Map Guiana, Venezuela, and El Dorado - Geographicus - Guiana-blaeu-1635.jpg
Willem Blaeu's 1635 map of the northeastern part of South America, Lake Parima (Parime Lacus), and the route to El Dorado.  
Media of the day
Media of the day
Two German Army tanks Leopard 2A5 (393rd Armoured Battalion) demonstrate deep-wading.  

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Donation by the State Library of Queensland
Northern end of the State Library of Queensland.jpg

The State Library of Queensland has donated 50,000 copyright-free photographs documenting some of the history of Queensland.

We need help categorizing the images, and completing and re-wording image descriptions. You can read more about how to help here.

See also: IUCN Red List donation


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