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Why is the Poland polandball upside down[edit]

Why is the Poland polandball upside down? The flag is the other way round. --AndreasPraefcke (talk) 19:14, 22 October 2012 (UTC)

This is explained in the articles on various Wikipedia's. Unfortunately, you won't be able to read about it on English Wikipedia, because they deleted it (as did German Wikipedia, because English Wikipedia deleted it). There is an article in 49 other languages, so if you speak any of those languages, it will explain it. Or try simple:Polandball. But, in short, the meme originated on, and was started by a British KCer to troll one of the Polish KCers. To make the trolling more effective, the colours of the Polish flag were reversed; it is one of the main conventions of Polandball -- Polish flag is always reversed; other countries are not. Hope that answers your question :) russavia (talk) 21:47, 23 October 2012 (UTC)
Kinda late comment, but Russavia, are there any other flags that could be trolled? ;) WorldTraveller101 23:13, 21 September 2013 (UTC)
No, just Poland :) russavia (talk) 16:39, 22 September 2013 (UTC)
Polanball is upside down because Polandball is loserball. Estoniaball is also a loserball and always cries in the end, but flag is still correct way up. -- Petri Krohn (talk) 02:42, 18 December 2013 (UTC)
Just wasting lifetime. --Robsuper (talk) 12:14, 18 May 2014 (UTC)


This should really go the English language Wikipedia, but as the topic is banned there, I will post it here. This may be the first time I see Polandball or countryballs in mainstream news. This article and image was on the front page of the RT webpage today.

The graffiti on a barricade at Independence Square in Kiev shows Russiaball cutting off gas and Ukraineball holding hands with EU-ball. -- Petri Krohn (talk) 02:22, 18 December 2013 (UTC)


In general it's childishness. I see no realistically educational purpose as all the images are strongly artwork created by the uploader without obvious educational use. However, such claim requires a broader discussion. Name of the gallery (and corresponding category) is inappropriate and needs to be changed. --Robsuper (talk) 12:10, 18 May 2014 (UTC)