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Free image sources[edit]

I can provide high resultion images under GFDL at request. Please see my Roma photo page and tell me which of them would be interesting in addition to the yet existing images. I just hate doing some efforts to duplicate existing motives.

Museo della civiltà romana - Plastico[edit]

Hi, Is there anyone here who has some photo's of the great model (Plastico) of Ancient Rome in the "Museo della civiltà romana" in the EUR district in Rome, and wants to share it with the community? I am writing some articles about ancient Roman monuments and some pictures of the plastico would really make them better. Actually I think it would be usefull for a lot of our Wiki collegues. Unfortunally, I live in the Netherlands and are not able to go there myself... All the pic's I found on the internet are copyrighted so I can't use them. Let me know if you can help me, thanks! Joris1919 18:55, 28 June 2006 (UTC)