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editing comments etc[edit]

Thanks for the comments and changes. I found the Canadian Photographers Category, and as I am and have been doing photography for several decades, with photo credits in books and small magazines as well as a few shows, and a very large photo collection and archives, i thought I would put up a sample of my own. On my wikipedia user page, a friend thought it was vanity thing and asked me not to upload any more. YOU wrote "(rv - We should have an inter wiki link and a category; If there is a reason not to; please explain on talk. I don't understand, this is standard)" Do you mean a Category for Photo Collage and a Category for Photo Poems?? Also do you think this is a vanity page, how should I have approached the topic? WayneRay 14:22, 20 June 2006 (UTC)WayneRay

Hi. By inter wiki link, I mean the non-visibile "en:Wayne Ray" code at the bottom of the article (visible when you edit it). It means somebody can click on the "English" link under "In Wikipedia" on the left of the screen. In your Wikipedia article, the tag {{Commons}} allows for a "link back" to Commons. The two-way links are handy, so we don't have to duplicate things (e.g. keep the pics here, and text there), and people can move easily between them. It's reasonable to assume people interested in one page, will be interested in the other.
On the issue of "vanity": Frankly, I don't care what your friend said. I personally, never heard of you before you made the article. But you got accepted as being notable, and I consider the matter settled. That means your work, is also deemed notable. It also illustrates what you do, fairly well. We discourage vanity, but that's because we discourage self-promotion. If you upload images to Commons, you're making them freely available to others, to legally re-use and/or edit for any purpose, without payment. So, that's more a sacrifice than a self-promotion, IMO. --Rob 08:46, 21 June 2006 (UTC)