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Categorising the White Shepherd[edit]

I expect there to be some controversy on this one. How should we categorise the White Shepherd on the Commons? I know there are many camps out there on this. I've got a white shepherd, who is a standard German Shepherd Dog according to the AKC, and I'd like to contribute photographs of him. I don't have much preference how we end up categorising the White Shepherd in relation to all other varieties of GSD, but I'm going to be bold and start with my current (probably naive) understanding that all varieties of GSD should be added to Category:Deutscher Schäferhund and then also placed on an appropriate (more specific) gallery page. And we can create separate galleries for standard Black & Tan, White, Black, Long-Haired, etc. Everybody interested in this subject, please chime in! Help me out! Thanks! :) Specious (talk) 04:23, 27 June 2008 (UTC)