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I think the english explanatory text should be ammended. Of the images following only two are certainly a Wolfsangel (Image:Wappen Fellbach.svg and Image:Wappen von Mommenheim.png) which actually have their origin in hunting or trapping. The others could be badly represented Wolfsangel but are much more likely cramps (for instance this one Image:Wappen Halberstadt.png) which indeed have their origin in masonry (but could also have their origin in siege craft). Actually, looking close I see at least one annile Image:Wappen Breidenbach (Hessen).png. Note, quite a few of these might be errors in the images rather than the blasonning as indeed the Wolfsangel and cramp' are regularly confused in German heraldry.--Caranorn 20:55, 10 June 2008 (UTC)