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Is this plant toxic/poisonious to birds?

Q: Is this plant toxic/poisonious to birds?[edit]

A: References are scarce, but many sites on the Internet claim that Araceae, the family to which ZZ belongs, commonly contain Oxalate crystals. This is the same grit that may precipitate at the bottom of some red wines that have been cask aged. Aroids have high probability of toxicity, but note that Zamioculcas zamifolia does not appear on the U of I registry of plants that are toxic to pets. "[The] potent mixture of oxalic and hydrocyanic acids, calcium oxalate crystals, and saponins" ["Hardy Aroids: Brooklyn Botanic Gardens"] of hardy Aroids contribute to their pest (insect/mite) resistance. Some Aroids (Taro, specifically tubers) are important staple foods in their native environments.

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