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Vehicles from the Tatra company from the Czech republic. See also Category:Tatra vehicles.

For the czech tram constructor, see Tatra (Tram).
For the mountains see Tatra Mountains


NW Präsident[edit]

T 11[edit]

Category:Tatra 11

T 57[edit]

T 75[edit]

T 77[edit]

T 87[edit]

T 600[edit]

T 600 kabriolet[edit]

T 603[edit]

Category:Tatra 603

T 603 A[edit]

T 603 X[edit]

T 603 MB[edit]

T 613[edit]

Category:Tatra 613

Tatra Prezident[edit]

T 700[edit]

MTX Tatra V8[edit]

Tatra Beta[edit]

Category:Tatra Beta

Tatra Museum[edit]

Category:Technical Museum Tatra


T 111[edit]

Category:Tatra 111

T 805[edit]

Category:Tatra 805

T 138[edit]

Category:Tatra 138

T 148[edit]

Category:Tatra 148

T 813[edit]

Category:Tatra 813

T 815[edit]

Category:Tatra 815

T 815-7[edit]

Category:Tatra 815-7

T 163[edit]

Category:Tatra 163



Miscellaneous pictures[edit]