Teltowkanal, Bäke

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Canal and stream in Germany, Berlin and Brandenburg.
There are today only two little remainders of the Bäke, the rest became part of Teltow Canal during its construction in 1906, connecting Havel and Spree in the southern part of Berlin.
de:Bäke (Telte)
de:Schleuse Kleinmachnow

Maps & Varia[edit]

Bäke, Berlin-Steglitz section[edit]

Bäke, Kleinmachnow (Brandenburg) section, the Bäke valley[edit]

Nature reserve Bäke valley, Kleinmachnow[edit]

Nature reserve Bäke meadows (habitat conservation), Berlin-Kohlhasenbrück[edit]

Teltow Canal and industrial monument Kleinmachnow canal lock[edit]

de: Teltowkanal und denkmalgeschützte Schleuse Kleinmachnow


See mainly: Bridges over the Teltowkanal in Berlin and Brandenburg

Machnow Lake, Kleinmachnow, Brandenburg[edit]

Monuments and historical architecture in Bäke valley[edit]

Kleinmachnow, interesting houses and villas[edit]

Swiss Cottages at Bäkekanal[edit]

in Klein-Glienicke (Potsdam), see also and more pictures Parklandschaft Klein-Glienicke#Swiss Cottages