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Voting for the Final round is closed. Thank you for your collaboration.

  • Final round : from (UTC) till (UTC). It is 2018-06-24 13:52 now.
  • Final voting will determine the overall winner for Wikimedia Commons Picture of the Year. Voting in the Final will be limited to the finalist images advancing from Round 1. The finalist image receiving the most (confirmed) votes will win Picture of the Year. Special recognition (including badging) will also be given to the second and third place finalists.
  • Any eligible user can vote in the Final, even if they didn't vote in Round 1. You can check your voting eligibility here.
  • If you have any queries, please ask at Commons talk:Picture of the Year/2009/Committee.
Notice Single vote per eligible user. You may cast one vote only. Not one vote per image: one vote in total. (This is different from round 1 voting).
■ Finalists galleries : Large - Medium - small - Index
NOTE: Please do not use this template directly! This is just for translation. Use {{2009POTY}} instead!