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|- |style="font-size:3em"| |File:-oracle.svg |File:-bronze.svg |File:-bigseal.svg |File:-seal.svg |Or Br GrS S |style="color:green"|{{{3}}} |{{{5}}} |[1] |File:-clerical.svg |File:-kaishu.svg |✗ |  {{{4}}} 

This is a template used by the Commons:Ancient Chinese characters project. It shows :

  • available SVG images for characters in old styles: Jiaguwen, Jinwen, Dazhuan and Xiaozhuan; such files are manually provided by contributors, based on www.internationalscientific.org's data.
  • available SVG images for modern styles: Lishu (clerical), Kaishu (both traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese, if they exist); such files may be automatically converted from commercial Chinese fonts, but only temporarily, before they are redrawn in SVG format.]
  • available SVG image of one way for cursive styles: Xinshu, Caoshu. Such svg files may be automatically provide by Chinese commercial fonts.]
  • A link to the character's information page on www.internationalscientific.org.
  • Alternate links to already available GIF images (these images are to be converted into SVG).
Usage :
  • {{ACCgallery|1|2|3|4|5}}
Parameters :
  • 1 = ancient character (optional, default empty).
  • 2 = simplified version of the character (optional, default empty).
  • 3 = status (optional, default empty).
  • 4 = Pinyin (optional, default empty).
  • 5 = notes (optional, default empty).