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This documentation is transcluded from Template:APWebsite/doc.

Use this template to add a reference to a family or order on the web site APWebsite.
Note: This template can be used in conjunction with {{Taxoconflict}}, {{Taxa}}, {{Genera}}, {{Genera2}}, {{Species}}, {{Species2}} and {{Subspecies}} with parameter "source=APWebsite" (See here the different values for source)
If you used genera=vpfg, you should use source=Kew Vascular Plant
{{APWebsite | Dipsacalesweb.htm#Dipsacales | Dipsacales }}
{{APWebsite | Austrobaileyalesweb.htm#Schisandraceae | Schisandraceae }}
{{APWebsite | Austrobaileyalesweb.htm#Schisandraceae | Illiciaceae | nv }}
{{APWebsite | Dipsacalesweb.htm#Dipsacaceae | Dipsacaceae | genera=APWebsite }}
{{APWebsite | Ericalesweb.htm#Clethraceae | Clethraceae | genera=APWebsiteShort }}
{{APWebsite | Dipsacalesweb.htm#Morinaceae | Morinaceae | genera=vpfg }}
{{APWebsite | Austrobaileyalesweb.htm#Schisandraceae }} <- to be used in the middle of a sentence
APWebsite link: Dipsacales
APWebsite link: Schisandraceae
APWebsite link: Illiciaceae Invalid
APWebsite link: Dipsacaceae (+genera)
APWebsite link: Clethraceae (+genera)
APWebsite link: Morinaceae (+genera in KewGarden 'Vascular Plant')
APWebsite <- to be used in the middle of a sentence
{{APWebsite | page | taxonName | validity | genera=<genera_source> }}
  • page
the page on the website.
How to retrieve the id: In the url www.mobot.org/MOBOT/research/APWeb/orders/Dipsacalesweb.htm#Dipsacaceae the page is Dipsacalesweb.htm#Dipsacaceae
Sample (for Dipsacales): Dipsacalesweb.htm#Dipsacales
  • name (optional)
The name of the taxon. Please provide it for a standalone link (after the {{Taxonavigation}}), but don't provide it if you want a link in the middle of a sentence.
Sample (for Dipsacales): ''Dipsacales''
  • validity (optional)
If the taxon is considered as unaccepted or synonym by APWebsite, add nv.
In that case, the page will point to the acctepted taxon (Schisandraceae in the case of Illiciaceae)
Sample (for Illiciaceae): nv
  • genera=<genera_source> (optional)
Allows to specify how APWebsite provides the list of genera othe family :
  • genera=APWebsite: APWebsite provides the genera list in a separate page <familyName>gen.html
  • genera=APWebsiteShort: APWebsite provides the genera list in a separate page <familyName>.html
  • genera=vpfg: APWebsite provides a link to the Vascular Plant Families and Genera (vpfg) database on the KewGarden web site
  • genera=none: APWebsitedoes not provide a list of genera or provides it directly in the family page. (This is the default value)
Use sample
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