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Template for Animation Request

This template uses the same parameters as {{SOlicense}}.
So you need only to change the template invocation from AR to SO,
when the GIF-file is replaced by uploading the required animated version.

Most AR-files are used for radical characters needing the 5th parameter.


This is an attempt to set up an universal template for the Commons:Stroke Order Project. When you upload a stroke order image, please use this template.

This template takes three to eight variables:

{{SOlicense|<character>|<variant>|<image-type>.<suffix>|<extra info>|<radical_number>|<alternation>|date=<0000-00-00>|author=<[[User:Username|Username]]>}}


  1. <character> is the character itself,
  2. <variant> is a single letter indicating which standard the character is in:
    • (nothing) for PRC
    • "t" for ROC if it does not match PRC
    • "h" for HK if it matches neither PRC nor ROC
    • "j" for Japan if it matches none of PRC, ROC, or HK
    • "i" for traditional stroke order if it matches none of PRC, ROC, HK, or Japan
      Please use no other values.
  3. <image-type> is a string indicating the image type:
    • "bw" for image sequences (the black and white images)
    • "red" for the red gradient images
    • "order" for gif animations
      <suffix> is a file-type suffix (such as "png" or "gif")
  4. <extra info> is an optional field for extra information or various comments. Please refrain from adding linguistic information as other websites provide such data with more accuracy than we can guarantee.
  5. <radical_number> This 5th parameter is an optional field, passing a number <###> between 1 and 214 to the template. Only if this parameter is used, an additional [[Category:Radical ###]] will be generated.
    Of course, this parameter is only for the Chinese Radical characters, or its variants, which belong to the 214 Traditional Radicals.
    Chinese non-radical characters, i.e. with additional strokes, should be assigned to the correct category with the parameter r=.
  6. <alternation> This 6th parameter is an optional field, it may be used to mark that the image shows an alternation of a character. That parameter may also be used to categorize the image to the “abw”/“ared”/“aorder”-category. The value(s) may be:
    • (nothing)
    • "a" for an alternation
      → please set in <variable 1> always the imaged character, not the main character
    • "c" for a cursive image form (if we need a “corder”-category for that; not yet implemented)
    • date for a defined date instead of the default "look in file info"
    • author for defined author info instead of the default "look in file info"

The named parameter r= should be used to define the category for non-radical characters:

r=### (1...214) for characters of the CJK Unified Ideographs (Unicode 4E00-9FFF)
r=0 for characters outside of this Unicode block


{{SOlicense|罒||order.gif||122|a}}  (Alternation of Radical 122 网, “a...”-category)

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