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Age-based categorization of images of people should be guided by the following definitions, adapted from Wikipedia:Human development (biology):

Non-gendered Females Males Age range
Children Girls Boys birth through puberty (roughly 11 years of age)
Adolescents Adolescent girls Adolescent boys puberty through age of majority (roughly age 12 – 17)
Adults Women Men age of majority and older (roughly 18 years and up)

In particular, to the extent that it is possible, images of adult women should not be categorized as "girls", nor should the ambiguous term "young women" be applied to girls younger than 18 or to women in their late teens or twenties.

The divisions above are based on puberty and the typical age of majority. Optionally, when it makes sense to do so, the following groups may be split off as subcategories:

Non-gendered Females Males Age range Parent categories
Babies Baby girls Baby boys birth – c. 3 years Children / Girls / Boys
Old people Old women Old men c. 60 years and up Adults / Women / Men
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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Age group definitions/doc.

This template is intended to replace the many instances of age-group definitions currently "hardcoded" into many category pages (example).


{{Age group definitions}}
{{Age group definitions|nudity=yes}}
Use the second form in categories related to nudity; the only difference is that the term "nudity" is mentioned in the introductory text.