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Descoñécese o autor desta fotografía e a fotografía ten máis de 70 anos. De acordo coa convención de Berna e coa lei de numerosos países, esta fotografia está no dominio público.

Note: This template does not apply to works from countries that extended the Berne Convention or that did not sign it. In particular, this includes the European Union, the United States, India, and Russia. Please use {{Anonymous-EU}}, {{PD-US}}, {{PD-India}}, {{PD-Russia-2008}}, etc. in such cases and check Commons:Copyright rules by territory every time, carefully!

NOTA: Non utilice directamente este modelo! É soamente unha tradución. Empregue {{PD-anon-50}} no canto deste!

NOTE: Please do not use this template directly! This is just for translation. Use {{PD-anon-50}} instead!