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Arquivo Nacional

Public domain
This media is a faithful reproduction of public domain multimedia and it was the result of a GLAM partnership between the Arquivo Nacional and the Wikimedia Users Group in Brazil. The Arquivo Nacional (in English: The Brazilian National Archives) is an institution of the Brazilian Ministry of Justice and Public Security responsible for the management and preservation of documents pertaining to the federal public administration and located in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Please attribute as: Public domain / Arquivo Nacional Collection
Por favor, atribua como: Domínio público / Acervo Arquivo Nacional

Instructions for usage as PD
  • 1st parameter:
    • If value is 1923, transforms this into a {{PD-1923}} license;
    • If value is URAA, transforms this into a {{PD-Brazil-URAA}} license;
    • If value is Gov, transforms this into a {{PD-BrazilGov}} license;
    • Any other value is interpreted as being the PD license itself.
  • 2nd parameter: Deathyear of the artist, if applicable.
This template will categorize into Category:PD-Arquivo Nacional.