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This documentation is transcluded from Template:BSicon quote/doc.

This is a template for easier presentation of icon images (files begining with BSicon_) and their IDs for Commons:WikiProject BSicon talk pages and Wikipedia local projects.


1 Required icon ID See en:Wikipedia:Route diagram template/Catalog of pictograms for an explanation of BSicon naming conventions.
2 optional text display Suppresses the icon ID (inside parentheses) when no or 0.
3 optional icon size x20px (20 pixels high) by default.
alt= optional text display Displays alternate text instead of the default icon ID.
nobr= optional icon display Removes the gray border around the icon.
link= optional remote link Allows an alternative link target, instead of the icon’s filepage.


Input Result
{{BSicon quote|BHF}}
{{BS-q|BHF|alt=Station}}   (Station)
{{BS-q|BHF|nobr=foo}}   (BHF)
{{BS-q|BHF|link=Railway station}}   (BHF)

See also[edit]

  • {{BS-o}} to display multiple BSicons superimposed on each other
  • {{BS-n}} to display a formatted icon name