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The tag of this multimedia file is incorrect.

It says


but should be


Please replace this file by a version with a tag that contains correct information about title, artist, album, comment, track number, date and genre. After this is done replace this template with template {{SupersededOGG|new file name.ogg}} in this page.

Template:Bad tag/lang

Pages bearing this template are automatically added to Category:Incorrect tag, a subcategory of Category:Multimedia for cleanup. The incorrect and corrected tag should be given as first and second parameter to the template in the following format:

Title / Artist / Album / Comment / Date / Track number / Genre

Please mention all parts of the file tag even if they are left empty !

Overtüre zu "Don Giovanni" KV 527 / Fulda Symphonic Orchestra, Conductor: Simon Schindler; Performer: Johannes Volker Schmidt (piano) / 1. Benefiz Symphonie-Konzert / / 2000-04-09 (recorded) / 1 / Classical