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Example: {{big|Example text.}} → Example text.

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Text formatting templates
Code example Renders as Notes Code example Renders as Notes
X{{Exp|superscript text}} Xsuperscript text Warning sign Don't use {{Sup}} which links to {{Support}} X{{Smallsup|small superscript text}} Xsmall superscript text with smaller text
X{{Sub|subscript text}} Xsubscript text X{{Smallsub|small subscript text}} Xsmall subscript text with smaller text
X{{Sup sub|superscript|subscript}} Xsuperscriptsubscript with smaller text
X{{Big|big text}} Xbig text X{{Small|small text}} Xsmall text Font size 85%
X{{Font-size|120%|font-size 120%}} Xfont-size 120% ← could maybe be merged → X{{Resize|120%|font-size 120%}} Xfont-size 120%
X{{Overline|overlined}} Xoverlined
X{{Explain|term|explanation}} Xterm
X{{Mark|marked text}} Xmarked text Same color as used in diffs. X{{Highlight|highlighted text|#FF0|green}} Xhighlighted text Multiple format parameters possible
X{{Small-caps|Small capitals}} XSmall capitals
X<kbd>­teletype</kbd> Xteletype Tags, not a template yet(en) (but used in e.g. {{Tld}}) X<code>­code</code> Xcode Tags, not a template yet(en) (but used in e.g. {{Tlc}})
Note: The capital X in front of each template is used to compare the results to plain text.