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This template matches the names of BSicon sets with the RGB values used inside the files. The following code will generate:

  • {{BS-color|grey}} → 999999
  • {{bsc|ex_lime}} → D1E681

Note: the template does not include the # (pound) sign before the RGB code.

Any changes to icon colors should first be discussed at Talk:BSicon/Colors.

If there are any color changes, please update this template as well as the Routemap modules linked here.

Code RGB Example Code RGB Example
Standard colors
bahn or - BE2D2C BSicon BHF.svg ex D77F7E BSicon exBHF.svg
u 003399 BSicon uBHF.svg uex 6281C0 BSicon uexBHF.svg
f 008000 BSicon fBHF.svg fex 64B164 BSicon fexBHF.svg
g 2CA05A BSicon gBHF.svg gex 7EC49A BSicon gexBHF.svg
Additional colors
azure 3399FF BSicon BHF azure.svg ex_azure 99CCFF BSicon exBHF azure.svg
black 000000 BSicon BHF black.svg ex_black 646464 BSicon exBHF black.svg
blue 0078BE BSicon BHF blue.svg ex_blue 64ACD6 BSicon exBHF blue.svg
brown 8D5B2D BSicon BHF brown.svg ex_brown B89A7F BSicon exBHF brown.svg
cerulean 1A8BB9 BSicon BHF cerulean.svg ex_cerulean 73B7D3 BSicon exBHF cerulean.svg
cyan 40E0D0 BSicon BHF cyan.svg ex_cyan 8AEAE1 BSicon exBHF cyan.svg
denim 00619F BSicon BHF denim.svg ex_denim 649EC3 BSicon exBHF denim.svg
exruby DE64A1 BSicon exBHF ruby.svg ex_exruby E89FC4 BSicon exBHF exruby.svg
exteal 82C0C0 BSicon exBHF teal.svg ex_exteal B1D6D6 BSicon exBHF exteal.svg
fuchsia B5198D BSicon BHF fuchsia.svg ex_fuchsia D173B8 BSicon exBHF fuchsia.svg
golden D7C447 BSicon BHF golden.svg ex_golden E5DA8E BSicon exBHF golden.svg
green 2DBE2C BSicon BHF green.svg ex_green 7FD67E BSicon exBHF green.svg
grey 999999 BSicon BHF grey.svg ex_grey C0C0C0 BSicon exBHF grey.svg
jade 53B147 BSicon BHF jade.svg ex_jade 95CE8E BSicon exBHF jade.svg
lavender 9999FF BSicon BHF lavender.svg ex_lavender C0C0FF BSicon exBHF lavender.svg
lime 99CC00 BSicon BHF lime.svg ex_lime D1E681 BSicon exBHF lime.svg
maroon 800000 BSicon BHF maroon.svg ex_maroon B16464 BSicon exBHF maroon.svg
ochre CC6600 BSicon BHF ochre.svg ex_ochre DEA164 BSicon exBHF ochre.svg
orange FF6600 BSicon BHF orange.svg ex_orange FF9955 BSicon exBHF orange.svg
pink F0668D BSicon BHF pink.svg ex_pink F4A1B8 BSicon exBHF pink.svg
purple 8171AC BSicon BHF purple.svg ex_purple B1A8CB BSicon exBHF purple.svg
red EF161E BSicon BHF red.svg ex_red F37176 BSicon exBHF red.svg
ruby CC0066 BSicon BHF ruby.svg ex_ruby DE64A1 BSicon exBHF ruby.svg
saffron FFAB2E BSicon BHF saffron.svg ex_saffron FFC969 BSicon exBHF saffron.svg
sky 069DD3 BSicon BHF sky.svg ex_sky 67C2E3 BSicon exBHF sky.svg
steel A1B3D4 BSicon BHF steel.svg ex_steel C6D1E5 BSicon exBHF steel.svg
teal 339999 BSicon BHF teal.svg ex_teal 82C0C0 BSicon exBHF teal.svg
violet 800080 BSicon BHF violet.svg ex_violet B164B1 BSicon exBHF violet.svg
yellow FFD702 BSicon BHF yellow.svg ex_yellow FFEB81 BSicon exBHF yellow.svg