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This is a shortcut way of adding {{metacat|country}} to a category. For backwards compatibility only, if {{{1}}} is filled in, the template will categorize into a topics category (or topics by location if it exists). "By country" categories are the only ones that do this autocategorizing (in the manner as explained below) into the main category tree (not maintenance/"flat list" parent categories). It's better to add the category manually, since it's possible someone will want to change it with HotCat or something. For example, you may want Category:Buildings by country categorized somewhere else instead of Category:Buildings by location. Categorization changes based on the structure of the topic category, thus auto-categorization isn't a good idea in this case.


[[Category:Categories by country (flat list)|Buildings by country]]
[[Category:Buildings| Country]] (space before Country)
[[Category:Meta categories]]

Shortcut: {{by country}} also works. It redirects to {{By country category}}

New language version[edit]

{{By country category/layout
|text='''''This is a by country category.''''' This category should only contain subcategories. Images should either be in the relevant country subcategory or in the {{#if:{{{1|}}}|[[:Category:{{{1|}}}|parent category]]|parent category}}.
{{translated tag|marker}}