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Coat of arms blazon of
Element of coat of arms elements
Blazon blazon
Blazon reference reference
argent argent-d or azure carnation celeste cendrée gules purpure sable tawny vert
additional description
Date date
Artist artist
Source source
(Reusing this file)
license for the artwork
Other versions other versions
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This documentation is transcluded from Template:COAInformation/doc.

Infobox template customized for Coats of Arms


 |blazon of      =
 |blazon         =
 |references     =
 |tincture       =
 |description    =
 |date           =
 |artist         =
 |imgen          =
 |source         =
 |permission     =
 |other versions =
 |other fields   =

Template parameters

Parameter Description Default Status
blazon of
Blazon of
blazon of City or family name that coat of arms identifies and blazon describes. Use language templates like {{en}} or {{fr}} to mark language of the text. It is also possible to use {{Coa-desc}}. empty optional
element Element of a coat of arms. Files on Commons may contain single reusable elements which can be used to complete a CoA. This field is used to describe such an element. empty optional
blazon Blazon or literal description of the coat of arms. Use language templates like {{en}} or {{fr}} to mark language of the text. empty optional
references Book, web site or other source of the blazon, the description of the coat of arms. Use language templates like {{en}} or {{fr}} to mark language of the text. empty optional
Tincture Tincture or precise heraldic color specification. Up to twelve colors are allowed, which have to be separated by /. The standard colors are:
argent argent-d or azure carnation celeste cendrée gules purpure sable tawny vert

You can use full names as written above or one-letter-abbreviations: a (argent), A (argent-d), o (or), b (azure), c (carnation), B (celeste), C (cendrée), g (gules), p (purpure), s (sable), t (tawny) and v (vert). See {{Tincture}} for more information.

Colors other than the above list have to be defined by their hexadecimal color value like #abc, or #2F4D5A. Unfortunately those values can not be defined by values separated by "/". The workaround is to call template {{Tincture}} and use "|" separators. For example: "|tincture = {{Tincture|gules|#00FF00|b}}" gives
gules #00FF00 azure

empty optional
description Additional description empty optional
date Date the file was created. It may also provide the date of the original coat of arms design or approval, if this is known. empty optional
artist Name of the artist who drew the graphics, with a link if possible. Use [[User:Example|Example]] or [[User:Example|John Doe]] if applicable, and may also provide the name of the original designer of the coat of arms if this information is available. Many people also identify here the projects they are part of, like {{Projet Blasons}} or {{THV}}. empty required
imgen image
Can be used for simple decriptions about the generation of that image. See Image generation below.
For more complicated descriptions use template Igen as a value of other fields.
empty optional
source Source of the COA, e.g. {{own}}. empty required
permission see {{Information}}'s permission field. In most cases this is a new drawing of Coat of Arms and it only needs license from the artist who drew the graphics. empty optional
other versions
Other versions
other versions other versions of the file. You should use <gallery></gallery> brackets or {{Derivative versions}}
Or use {{#tag:gallery|image}}
empty optional
other fields
Other fields
other fields use it for e.g. {{ Igen+s = -COAInformation }} or {{ Igen+s = c }}
see {{Image generation}} for more information about its parameters.
empty optional

Additional information

The template is intended to be used in the following namespaces: the File namespace

The template is intended to be used by the following user groups: all users

Placement: At the top of the page

Relies on:
{{Artwork}}, {{I18n/COA}}

Most fields use translations of {{artwork}}, "Coat of arms of", "Blazon", "Reference" and "Tincture" are translated at {{I18n/COA}}

Image generation

Every vector or raster graphic should be provided by a statement about its development. This can be done with the template Igen as a value of other fields, or in a very short form with an argument for imgen. This argument can be

  • one value: the W3C error count, 0 for valid Inkscape SVG or any other number for invalid Inkscape SVG
  • two values separated by a slash: the first and the second parameter for template Image generation, e.g.
  • A/0 for valid Adobe   (I/0 or /12 can be written simply as one value 0 or 12)
  • D/3 for CorelDraw, invalid due to 3 errors
  • GIMP/n for a raster image created with GIMP
  • PB for the {{Projet Blasons}} box with 0 W3C-errors
  • other different codes, e.g. JK, ML, Mb, GL, S0, S1 (expandable)
This short form does not handle more parameters. For any more parametrizing use the standard form in other fields.