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(Напомена: Шаблонот прикажува порака за грешка ако не му се внесе нешто, па затоа погоре е скриен)


3) source: Wikiversity -- Expand usage to cover SISTER and LABEL parameters (lost in /doc file? Or just never updated?) // FrankB 06:48, 17 August 2008 (UTC)
2) source: Wikispecies/wikipedia -- Reconcile categories (Iterim) and code across sister projects // FrankB 05:53, 17 August 2008 (UTC)
1) source: Commons -- Move forced italics from before LABEL to default only when undefined, and matching logic for stopping italics... gives user better formatting control, by specifying LABEL. No effect when not defined, so minimal impact. // FrankB 04:51, 17 August 2008 (UTC)


Usual syntax
{{ Cat see also | List of category names (one or more) }}


  1. Most are pipe character separated category page names; up to 40 pages
  2. LABEL=Some other phrase... → replaces defaults: "See also Category:" or "See also categories:" (prefix messages).
    1. That phrase is normally italicized. When defining LABEL any wikimarkup or HTML text will be accepted.
    2. You may assume a space before the first category link.
    3. The template is written in an HTML <span>...</span> block, so can be used in-line as part of a sentence. Conversely, an editor must ensure a blank line or HTML "<br/>" follows it, or the text may be run the next line into it.
  3. SISTER=Any valid interwiki or interproject prefix from de:, fr:, es: access to other wikipedia's to cross sister wiki's using sister projects abbreviations such as B:, Q:, S:, v: etc. and where applicable, both interlingual and cross project links can be made like
    1. SISTER=de:V: for linking categories on the German language Wikiversity, or
    2. SISTER=fr:B: for linking categories on the French language Wikibooks.
Simple examples
  1. {{Cat see also|A}} →

  2. {{Cat see also|A|B}} →

  3. {{Cat see also|A|B|C}} →
example w/default message
{{Cat see also|aaa|bbb|ccc|ddd|eee|fff}}
would give (display as)
example w/LABEL parameter option
{{Cat see also|LABEL=See this list to evaluate whether one would be a better choice of |aaa | bbb | ccc | ddd | eee | fff }}
would give (display as)
Pragmatic Example

Bobsledding, luge, and skeleton are Olympic sports properly subcategorized under 'sledding', so shouldn't appear (strictly speaking categorically so to speak) as sub-categories of 'winter sports', but which a lay reader using categories might expect to find them.

So to show their presence and guide proper selections for editors choosing categories amongst the three layers of categories, one can include the sub-sub-categories as a see also annotation on the Winter sports page.

given by...
{{cat see also|SISTER=W:|Luge|Bobsleigh|Skeleton}}

НАПОМЕНА: Не користете го овој шаблон непосредно!! Ова служи само за превод. Користете го шаблонот {{Cat see also}}!

NOTE: Please do not use this template directly! This is just for translation. Use {{Cat see also}} instead!

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